Innovation Cities™ Index 2022-2023: China & Region – Most Innovative Cities

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Who are the region's most innovative cities?

Based on the 16th annual Innovation Cities™ Index city rankings process by 2THINKNOW. Original quantitative method, based on 162 indicators (including consideration of 1000+ data point inputs) per city. Est. 2007.

Why This Ranking?

Breadth of indicators covers areas of innovation that 500 cities are focused on. Such as: digital, liveability, smart, economic development, mobility (transport), tourism and trade, place branding, start-ups, sustainability. The city ranking has over a decade of results, making analysis possible. Detailed data is also available to order.

These city rankings measure pre-conditions for innovation. Results are available globally (500 cities or top 100), or by region/nation.

The 162 Indicators cover key areas for city innovation such as: digital transformation, technology, startups, economic development, sustainability, liveability, mobility and other areas. Above average scores across many indicators result in a higher rank. Thus making cities that rank high, more well-balanced. You can order city data at any level.

Indicators map to key government departments or industries.

The Innovation Cities™ Index was established in 2007. We seek to definitively answer the question - 'which are the world's most innovative cities '?


162 City Indicators

Based on 162 standard Indicators with underlying Data Points from 2THINKNOW's awesome City Benchmarking Data set. Making it easy to compare cities.

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Resources for Your City

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All the data is available to compare any set of cities you need. The full data set is at your disposal, just order the specific areas you need. Available as raw Data Points or Indicators.

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Region Definition

Definition of Asia: 108 cities across Asia-Pacific, Oceania - Australia & New Zealand, Japan, China, India and regionally.

Index Resources

Ranking Resources: Overview | Media Resources | Methodology | FAQ

Region City Rankings Results for 2022-2023

Instructions for Use: Yes, the top-level Innovation Cities™ Index results are always free to track and monitor. You can publish this list, please attribute it correctly - see 'Reproducing this list' below the table. Just, register for email updates here.

Data Detail: The data is available for purchase at Indicator level. Used by govt, cities, finance, insurance, consultants and businesses. We also will work with you on analysis, training workshops and reports based on insights from 500 cities of data.

2ShanghaiChinaNEXUS481- 1461227
4Hong KongChinaHUB475+158522
5ShenzhenChinaHUB464- 1741230
11ChongqingChinaNODE388- 3328272
12SuzhouChinaNODE3810- 23291297
14TianjinChinaNODE389- 53331349
16NingboChinaNODE377- 93471683
20XiamenChinaNODE3616- 43691493
22ChengduChinaNODE3612- 10371254
23FuzhouChinaNODE3520- 33851693
24WuxiChinaNODE3517- 73871490
25WenzhouChinaNODE3519- 63881676
28QuanzhouChinaNODE3526- 23921675
29NanningChinaNODE3523- 63931690
30NantongChinaNODE3524- 63941689
32QingdaoChinaNODE3528- 43981078
33Xi'anChinaUPSTART3418- 154041494
35TaiyuanChinaUPSTART3425- 104071680
36HarbinChinaUPSTART3433- 3408492
38NanchangChinaUPSTART3331- 74201678
39ZhongshanChinaUPSTART3235- 44372073
40HefeiChinaUPSTART3239- 14401685
41Changchun, JilinChinaUPSTART3238- 34411608
42ZhuhaiChinaUPSTART3237- 54421524
43Yantai-WeihaiChinaUPSTART3241- 24431609
44ShantouChinaUPSTART3043- 14611674
Region Definition

Definition of list: All cities ranked from China region. Countries: China,

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