Analyst City Visit

Senior 2thinknow analyst visit to assist your city with innovation.

Some purposes for an analyst city visit.

Indicators Walkthrough
Walkthrough of the Indicators 2thinknow hold on your city and your City Data Audit.
Mayors Office

Whether a presentation for being a top-ranked city or queries about the cities ranking, Mayors always like to know in-person.

Showcase a City

For indicators where you have made substantial improvements, showcase your city with city tours.

Conference Speech

Simple way to book a conference speech and/or panel a short training session on cities.

Further Benefits of Analyst City Visit

City Visits packages include speeches, and consultation papers. Our analysts are generous with their time, and advice, and can provide you with starting towards expert steps to what other cities have done for many social and economic challenges.

Additional benefits include greater analyst awareness of your city, case studies regarding your cities and international trade and business. Any city we visit is automatically assessed for 162 city indicators, or re-assessed, at the time of the visit based on any new data.

Book a Visit, not another Speaker

Our Analyst City Review provides superior value to your city when being compared with the cost of a visiting speaker.

We are happy to give a knowledge-filled speech when in your city, to help your city grow and develop!

Pro-Tip - Stretch your City Budget further

Lowest cost way to get an Analyst City Visit is to book a Platinum City Package.

You are getting all our data and analysis and support - plus a speech and a chance to showcase your city to our analyst(s).

Logistic Basics for a City Visit


A suggested city visit agenda includes:

DAY 1: Speech and/or Workshop (1 day)

DAY 2: Consultation / meetings in City

DAY 3: Meetings / visit in greater metropolitan area



This report enables you to argue a case for change, and present to large groups. The report is 32-48 pages for most cities. which provides the same analysis as the standard report, plus graphs, and city benchmarking data. The report is also available in PowerPoint slide format for your convenience.


Your city! Any city in the world that has a nearby international airport, or is accessible.

Analyst City Visit FAQ

What can an Analyst City Visit include?

Sample Agenda Items:

  • Consultation meetings with city leaders
  • Consultation meetings with business leaders, and business visits
  • University visits
  • Visits to Cultural Assets
  • Visits to Human Infrastructure
  • Charity events
  • Interviews with journalists

How do I get maximum value from my Analyst City Visit?

Your city is able to gain maximum advantage from city visits with scheduled activities including presentations by our analysts, and interactive knowledge exchange consultation sessions and activities.

Can I combine an Analyst City Visit with a speech or workshop?

Each Analyst City Visit can include:

  • Keynote Speech to your conference or city AND/OR
  • Half-day Workshop Session

This has the advantage of saving a separate workshop or speech fee.

You could also use a City Visit as an extra day tacked onto a workshop as well.

Can I combine an Analyst City Visit with a major event in my city?

Yes, if you host a sporting or cultural event that is significant - say Formula 1 or Olympics or World Cup, and your city has made significant improvements for that event - e.g. sports venues or accommodation, this will enable us to capture new data evidence for your city.

If you feel that the event otherwise showcases your city, this can be timed to include.

Can I add in a cultural evening or afternoon event?

Cultural event passes (eg. film festivals) or invitations to charity events in the evening will allow our analysts to experience and further engage with your city.

Ideally media passes should be provided to our analyst(s) and assistant.

Will you cover costs for the event?

Any hospitality for the event must be covered. As fact-finding missions, our City Analyst Visits are not able to cover the added costs of entry fees and hospitality.


Is travel airfares and accommodation included in the fee?

Yes assuming you will fit with our current travel schedule and are in USA, Canada, Europe, Singapore, UAE, Australia or New Zealand. Our visit fee includes one night (sometimes two depending on airline schedules) accommodation and airfares from our last port - assuming dates fit our global schedule.

If you need specific dates for an event, then you will need to cover a travel surcharge, or order sufficiently far ahead to allow us to schedule you (few months ideally).

What locations need a travel surcharge?

Analyst visits to cities in Russia, Mid-East, former soviet Republics, Latin America, India, and some parts of Asia will always incur travel costs including airfares, accommodation and meals for a senior analyst + accompanying junior analyst. This typically is one business class and one companion economy returned airfare , and other arrangements of your choice.

What locations are not eligible for a city visit?

At this stage, China, most of Africa, some of Eurasia, Pakistan, and some of Latin America.