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Each indicator below contains multiple data points. Each indicator is designed as a means of benchmarking any city in the world against a core 500 data set. The indicators are designed to cover every condition for innovation in cities.

Who use these: Some indicators may be responsible to councils, others local businesses and chambers, or large industry, others state or federal government - in areas like tourism, trade, foreign affairs and economic development. (Responsibilities and stakeholders vary by location.)

Get Reports: Benchmark reports for each indicator are now available to order. These reports compare cities against each other. We can also create custom reports.

Indexed: Annually 162 indicators are selected from below to create the annual Innovation Cities™ Index ranking.

Each Indicator allows you to see clearly your cities performance against a set of 500 global cities.

Popular Use Cases for Indicator Benchmarks

Trade Promotion

Accurate city statistics to be used in your marketing materials, to promote your city.

Economic Development

Create better economic development plans for cities.

Benchmark Study

Benchmark your city against peer cities on any indicator(s).

Innovation Ranking

Annual Innovation Cities™ Index city rankings use 162 of these indicators.

How indicators impact your innovation ranking

If your city performs well in key indicators, your city's ranking in the Innovation Cities™ Index will improve.



Simple, colour-coded (traffic light) performance at a glance.

Data Points

Indicators contain between 2-10 detailed Data Points, with sources and year.

Global Ranking

Optionally, rank your city out of 500 cities for each indicator.

List of Indicators

Our goal is to help each city benchmark and improve indicator performance.

Reports can include Excel data, slides, analysis reports and training workshops.

IndicatorBenchmark DescriptionGovernmentIndustry
Architectural LayeringArchitectural complexity and layering of a city (architects refer to this as ‘grain’), balancing preservation and new building.Architecture, Planning & HeritageConstruction
Decorative FeaturesPresence of decorative features in buildings, and related sectors (stone masonry, carpentry, sculpture, street art).Architecture, Planning & HeritageConstruction
Green ArchitectureCutting edge green buildings, experimental or new sustainable building designs.Architecture, Planning & HeritageConstruction
History_The age of the city since its first major urban/population incarnation, with older cities having higher tourism value.Architecture, Planning & HeritageConstruction
NeighborhoodsQuality of decentralised neighbourhoods that are walkable and interconnected.Architecture, Planning & HeritageConstruction
Tradition of InnovationA long standing history of trying new innovations and technologies applied to society. This can be differentiated between once avant-garde cities and current new tech adopters.Architecture, Planning & HeritageConstruction
Vertical LivingSupport for vertical development of cities into 'air' as opposed to horizontal development (urban sprawl). Correlates to urban density, but in a balanced wayArchitecture, Planning & HeritageConstruction
Walking CitySafely walkable CBD with supporting transport modes.Architecture, Planning & HeritageConstruction
Cinema & FilmDiversity of cinema offerings including film festivals.Arts & CultureCulture
Cultural FestivalsCities with cultural festivals that attract a multitude of global (Edinburgh Comedy Festival), regional, national and local visits.Arts & CultureCulture
Dance & BalletDance companies and ballet companies resident or transient in the city.Arts & CultureCulture
Fine ArtistsMeasuring the number of fine artists, and/or their support structures.Arts & CultureCulture
HandcraftsMeasuring support for local crafts and artisan items, substantial evidence needed.Arts & CultureCulture
Private Art GalleriesMeasuring art dealers and related industries.Arts & CultureCulture
Public Art GalleriesPublic art galleries can profile a city and support the art in that city.Arts & CultureCulture
Public ArtworksPublic statues, external 2D and 3D art and external exhibitions or artistic items.Arts & CultureCulture
Public MuseumsMeasuring breadth and depth of museum infrastructure in city.Arts & CultureCulture
Satire & ComedyMeasuring support for comedy events, clubs and satire in local city.Arts & CultureCulture
Theatre & PlaysTheatres and plays (not movie cinemas) within CBD and surrounds accessible to visitors and residents.Arts & CultureCulture
Youth ActivitiesData points on breadth of available activities for youth (from pre-school to teenage).Arts & CultureCulture
Banking & FinanceCentral Bank independence and bank stability. Important: no bank failures.Banking, Tax & FinanceFinancial Services
Card AcceptanceAcceptance of major credit cards across all business and payment types.Banking, Tax & FinanceFinancial Services
Company TaxMeasuring the cities rate of company taxes, with lower company taxes allowing companies to establish in the city, and more easily attract innovative companies.Banking, Tax & FinanceFinancial Services
Crypto CurrencySupport and development of crypto currencies in the private sector, and use in the public sector.Banking, Tax & FinanceFinancial Services
Foreign ExchangeAvailability of Foreign Exchange in major currencies and formats to business and private travellers.Banking, Tax & FinanceFinancial Services
Multi-National HeadquartersNo. of multi-national corporations headquartered within driving distance, and relative importance of proximate multinationals.Banking, Tax & FinanceFinancial Services
Sales TaxesIs the city a globally competitive destination for low sales taxes, which thus drives greater revenues from product innovation?Banking, Tax & FinanceFinancial Services
Advertising in MediaMeasures advertising and media agencies / services in city.Business & CommerceBusiness (B2B)
Business ApproachMeasures whether the city is pro-business versus impediments to business.Business & CommerceBusiness (B2B)
DesignersMeasures design (with a focus on graphic, business and industrial design) as a core skill of the innovation economyBusiness & CommerceBusiness (B2B)
Green BusinessPotential for multiple green business development in city.Business & CommerceBusiness (B2B)
Industry DiversitySingle-industry focus is dangerous for cities. Measures the diversity of industries that creates global business links, and prevents single industry failure.Business & CommerceBusiness (B2B)
Professional ServicesAvailability of a range of accounting, consulting, legal and other professional services across all advice areas.Business & CommerceBusiness (B2B)
Public Meeting SpacesAvailability and affordability of meeting spaces of various typesBusiness & CommerceBusiness (B2B)
Video & Film ProductionMeasures video and film production facilities and achievements relative to other cities.Business & CommerceBusiness (B2B)
Broad Based Innovation (Stable)Broad Based Innovation measure across the 31 segments. Same basis as our ranking but a 'stable' result across multiple years. Effectively 'past performance'. (Past performance does not indicate future rankings). However, designed for models that need low volatility.Communications & TechnologyHigh Tech
Broadband InternetMeasuring estimated broadband internet penetration the cities economy relative to competing cities.Communications & TechnologyHigh Tech
Fixed Phone NetworkMeasuring the presence of a fixed phone network can be valuable in a crisis, and is still part of global business, even in a mobile worldCommunications & TechnologyHigh Tech
Government IT PolicyGovernment should be a customer of local I.T. and promote trade and exports. Is government supporting I.T. development?Communications & TechnologyHigh Tech
Internet UsersHow many internet users are there in the city relative to competing cities?Communications & TechnologyHigh Tech
Metaverse ReadyEnabling the environment for the metaverse, and digital augmentation of cities.Communications & TechnologyHigh Tech
Mobile Phone NetworkMeasuring how many mobile phone users there are relative to competing cities.Communications & TechnologyHigh Tech
Nascent TechNew emerging technologies and support for their eventual emergence.Communications & TechnologyHigh Tech
Smart DevicesSmart devices provide the mobile infrastructure to create technology that delivers innovative services to each city through apps and mobile browsers.Communications & TechnologyHigh Tech
Tech Adoption RateRate of early technology adoption within the city - how likely users will adopt new tech.Communications & TechnologyHigh Tech
Video Gaming & 3DLocal city skills and development of video gaming & 3D technology (used industrially and for consumers as gaming/immersive tech/virtual)Communications & TechnologyHigh Tech
Wireless InternetWireless networks, and world class connectivity are a key part of business and service access in any global cities. Measuring business grade wireless.Communications & TechnologyHigh Tech
Department StoresBreadth and range of department stores of a general or specialist nature within city area.Consumer & Small BusinessConsumer & Retail
Ecommerce SalesThe total volume and percentage of ecommerce shoppers within the city.Consumer & Small BusinessConsumer & Retail
Local MarketsLocal markets including delicatessens, fresh food and other small shop functions within city.Consumer & Small BusinessConsumer & Retail
Local ShoppingPrevalence of ‘high street’ shops, and shopping ‘streets’ attractive to visitors, and/or ‘destination’ local malls with diverse (as well as global chain) wares.Consumer & Small BusinessConsumer & Retail
Retail EstablishmentThe ease, predictability and facility of establishing a retail presence.Consumer & Small BusinessConsumer & Retail
Small Retail ClustersRetail cluster development in small and diverse mixed-use clusters.Consumer & Small BusinessConsumer & Retail
Social MediaSocial media is a modern tool and platform for enabling innovation, and low cost global business message communication.Consumer & Small BusinessConsumer & Retail
Embassies & Trade AmbassadorsThe presence of trade and diplomatic facilities globally.Diplomacy & Foreign AffairsForeign Affairs
Relationships with NeighborsNeighbor relationships impact trade and long-run economic wealth.Diplomacy & Foreign AffairsForeign Affairs
Domestic Market HealthThe health of the domestic market at a city-level not national based on key industries. Accessible domestic market size estimated for economic area (within own borders).Economics & PolicyEconomics & Policy
Domestic Market SizeAccessible domestic market size estimated for economic area (within own borders).Economics & PolicyEconomics & Policy
ExportsExports national data points. Also attributed to city level through calculation.Economics & PolicyEconomics & Policy
Foreign Direct InvestmentForeign direct investment is a key metric. Attributed to city level through calculation.Economics & PolicyEconomics & Policy
GDP Per CapitaOn a Real basis and PPP (where available). GDP per capita is measured at a city metropolitan area level.Economics & PolicyEconomics & Policy
ImportsImports at a national level. Attributed to city level through calculation.Economics & PolicyEconomics & Policy
National AccountNational account at a national and normalised as a city figureEconomics & PolicyEconomics & Policy
Neighbors Market SizeMeasures market size of immediate bordering or closest trading entities (states or nations, as applicable).Economics & PolicyEconomics & Policy
Property PricesProperty prices for units and houses, relative to income and value in the inner-city.Economics & PolicyEconomics & Policy
ReservesNational. Foreign exchange and gold reserves normalized into tiers. Includes calculations of city shares of reservesEconomics & PolicyEconomics & Policy
Trade DiversityMeasuring the cities diversity of trading partners.Economics & PolicyEconomics & Policy
Trading Partners EconomiesHealth of major trading partners or free trade bloc for the city.Economics & PolicyEconomics & Policy
Unemployment RateCurrent unemployment rate at a city level, or analyst adjusted estimate based on state/region/national data adjusted for city.Economics & PolicyEconomics & Policy
Wealth DistributionEquity in the society based on wealth equality, using best recorded Gini coefficients and other proxies.Economics & PolicyEconomics & Policy
Arts EducationArts education drives arts and design industries. Measuring tertiary and commercial arts institutions.Education & ScienceEducation, Science & Technical
Business EducationMix and availability of business education options, international ranking and quality of business schools.Education & ScienceEducation, Science & Technical
Science & EngineeringScience and engineering facilities and competitive position of city.Education & ScienceEducation, Science & Technical
Student PopulationStudent populations size — a proxy for fresh approaches and affordable labor for new business models and experiments.Education & ScienceEducation, Science & Technical
Technical & Specialist InnovationInnovation measured purely as related to a primarily STEM understanding of innovation, without regard to innovation outside the tehcnical (narrow focus view)Education & ScienceEducation, Science & Technical
University BreadthData points for breadth of university offerings in the city.Education & ScienceEducation, Science & Technical
University CommercializationMeasuring ability of universities to commercialize technology.Education & ScienceEducation, Science & Technical
Air CleanlinessMeasuring the city air cleanliness, and potential for air quality in given geography.Environment, Sustainability & NatureSustainability
Climate & WeatherIs the weather consistent and conducive to work? Data points measuring the average climate.Environment, Sustainability & NatureSustainability
EmissionsData points on emissions at a city level where available, or state/national level in some cases.Environment, Sustainability & NatureSustainability
Natural DisastersMeasuring recent history of natural disasters and potential impact of natural disaster such as earthquake, flood, bushfires, cyclones.Environment, Sustainability & NatureSustainability
NatureNatural environmental assets such as beaches, parks, wetlands which may affect life quality, and drive tourism/eco-tourism.Environment, Sustainability & NatureSustainability
Noise LimitingMeasuring noise causes, and classifying limitation measures.Environment, Sustainability & NatureSustainability
Public Green AreasMeasuring city park protection, and natural and wildlife preservation areas within immediate metropolitan area and inner-city.Environment, Sustainability & NatureSustainability
Water featuresThe major water features in terms of importance (e.g. major river), range of amenity and cleanliness.Environment, Sustainability & NatureSustainability
Fashion DesignersMeasuring fashion designers and fashion events within the city.Fashion, Clothing & TextilesFashion
Cafes & Tea RoomsDiversity, range and sheer number of cafe’s / tea rooms and suitability as multi-purpose business and visitor venues.Food, Leisure & HospitalityHospitality
Fine RestaurantsQuality of restaurants, especially destination restaurants.Food, Leisure & HospitalityHospitality
Food DiversityMeasuring the breadth in diversity of food cuisines.Food, Leisure & HospitalityHospitality
Meal AffordabilityAffordability of basic sandwich and beverage (or local equivalent) relative to other cities at a ‘walk-in’ food establishment.Food, Leisure & HospitalityHospitality
Freight DependenciesHow dependent is the city on foreign freight and what is the potential for blockages, loss or slowing of the supply chain?GeographyGeo-spatial
Physical locationHow favourable is the geographic position of the city, and how favourable the traditional geographic features?GeographyGeo-spatial
Trade RoutesWhere is the city relative to global trade routes, and how does the city work as a current or future juncture in physical trade?GeographyGeo-spatial
Digital InfrastructureDigital infrastructure for the development of new skills, tools and opportunities within a secure framework. Allowing the digitalisation of many life functions.Government & PoliticsGovernment & Public Services
Government ResponsivenessOnline, Gov 2.0, open data and eGovernment initiatives as measures of responsiveness and service provision capability.Government & PoliticsGovernment & Public Services
Government StabilityType of government model combined with recent history to provide a stability analysis.Government & PoliticsGovernment & Public Services
Political TransparencyThe transparency and openness vs. potential for corruption within a city.Government & PoliticsGovernment & Public Services
Public Servant ProfessionalismMeasuring institutional basis for professionalism, education and independence for public service as a branch of government.Government & PoliticsGovernment & Public Services
Covid-19 ResponseAvoiding Lockdown severity, lockdown days, deaths with covid-19 (reported official not final) and negative effects related to Covid-19 policy.Health & MedicineHealth & Life Sciences
General MedicineNumber and breadth of doctors and facilities relative to competing cities.Health & MedicineHealth & Life Sciences
HospitalsPrivate / public hospital coverage and classifying overall delivery of services to community.Health & MedicineHealth & Life Sciences
Infant Mortality RateInfant Mortality normalised into performance bands (national where city not available).Health & MedicineHealth & Life Sciences
Life ExpectancyLife Expectancy normalised into performance bands (national where city not available).Health & MedicineHealth & Life Sciences
Waiting ListsAvailability of elective and emergency medical services to the community in the city.Health & MedicineHealth & Life Sciences
Industry ClustersAre there world leading clusters (e.g. Silicon Valley) in specific segments in the city? Clusters can balance industry diversity, and sometimes if integrated support development. Large clusters only.Industry & ManufacturingIndustrial
Manufacturing BreadthBreadth of manufacturing activity by sectors of industrial manufacturing.Industry & ManufacturingIndustrial
Manufacturing QualityQuality of manufactured outputs and level of advanced manufactures.Industry & ManufacturingIndustrial
Publishing IndustryMeasuring publishing industry and publications distribution chain.Industry & ManufacturingIndustrial
Textile IndustryData points for textile supply chain through to finished production and sale.Industry & ManufacturingIndustrial
Wine, Spirits & BrewingSize and representation of alcohol industries covering wine, spirits and beer manufacturing.Industry & ManufacturingIndustrial
BookstoresMeasures presence of bookstores and book outlets (may include new media/ebooks).Information, News & PublishingCommunications & Media
Magazine AvailabilityMagazine availability and outlets for printed periodicals.Information, News & PublishingCommunications & Media
Media CensorshipMeasuring media censorship (and media manipulation) by central authorities blocks economic opportunities, as events over take centralised bodies.Information, News & PublishingCommunications & Media
News JournalismNews journalism sources in the city (of all kinds).Information, News & PublishingCommunications & Media
Public LibrariesLibraries and media centers for the public to access free information are crucial to new types of innovation.Information, News & PublishingCommunications & Media
TV & Radio NetworksThe number, existence and independence of local TV and radio networks.Information, News & PublishingCommunications & Media
Underground PublicationsMeasures independent underground newspapers, zines or other ‘dissent’ publications.Information, News & PublishingCommunications & Media
Web CensorshipWeb censorship or control can lead to the blocking of business opportunities, and rampant industrial espionage (an emerging problem).Information, News & PublishingCommunications & Media
Clerical WagesAverage wage affordability for a senior MS Office qualified clerical worker, and language fluency.Labour, Employment & WorkforceRecruitment
Digital SkillsRelative skills in the labor force and local firms for deploying digital technologies.Labour, Employment & WorkforceRecruitment
Education LevelLevel of educated workforce availability now and in future.Labour, Employment & WorkforceRecruitment
Labor ForceLabor force availability % applied to the population to show available workforce.Labour, Employment & WorkforceRecruitment
Working VisaTime and cost of achieving working visa for qualified Western nationals.Labour, Employment & WorkforceRecruitment
Citizen RightsRestrictions on citizen rights, such as freedom of speech, expression and potential non-structural separation of powers.Law & GovernanceLaw
PolicingA community police force that is integrated and achieves lower crime and lower impact crime.Law & GovernanceLaw
Separation of PowersStructural separation and number of branches of government.Law & GovernanceLaw
Container FreightContainer port efficiency in tonnage of port nearest to city, and relative ease of reaching port via road/rail.Logistics & PortsLogistics
FreightMulti-modality of freight, and integration of freight modes.Logistics & PortsLogistics
Postal SystemPostal services availability, and classifying reliability and frequency.Logistics & PortsLogistics
Railway TrackMeasuring railway track available to a city using calculations.Logistics & PortsLogistics
Relative MilitaryWhat is the relative military strength of the state, and to a lesser extent, city in real terms?Military, Defence & AviationDefence & Aerospace
Strategic PowerHow is the perceived power of the city and it’s host nation expressed as an ability to enforce favourable terms of trade?Military, Defence & AviationDefence & Aerospace
Classical MusicSuccessful choirs, orchestras and classic music groups.Music & PerformanceMusic
Music VenuesMeasuring if the city has a comparable number and breadth of music venues.Music & PerformanceMusic
NightlifeThe quality, variety and mix of nightlife venues and the regulation (or self-policing) of venues.Music & PerformanceMusic
Opera HouseIs there an Opera House, and what is the degree of support for opera measured by opera infrastructure?Music & PerformanceMusic
Popular MusicHow many popular musicians or how much support for future contemporary music does the city provide?Music & PerformanceMusic
Alternative PopulationEvidence of alternative population may be evidence of creative and new ideas.People, Rights & FamiliesCommunity Services
Citizen PrivacyHow much privacy is afforded to citizens? Is citizen privacy adequate given current levels of cyber threat and intrusions into the lives of citizens? Privacy allows innovation to flourish whereas constant intervention limits the flourishing of new ideas.People, Rights & FamiliesCommunity Services
Equality of WomenAre women equal (not in number/quotas) but in access measured by actual positions held (such as Mayor)?People, Rights & FamiliesCommunity Services
LitteringPresence of litter and policies to beautify the city.People, Rights & FamiliesCommunity Services
PopulationPopulation of the city indicates size of the market.People, Rights & FamiliesCommunity Services
Protest & ActivismActivism is common in cities that create new ideas, but may also destabilize. Classifying the size and ability of protest.People, Rights & FamiliesCommunity Services
Remote WorkingReadiness and ability for remote working (work from home) across the services and administrative sectors. (Manufacturing and agriculture cannot be fully work from home).People, Rights & FamiliesCommunity Services
Wellness of PopulationWellness measures to ensure the health and wellbeing of populations facing challenges from social isolation or economic hardship. This includes 'self-measures' such as private health (not all government programs achieve their stated outcomes, and as such wellness remains a personal responsibility).People, Rights & FamiliesCommunity Services
CrimeMeasuring theft and predominately non-violent, non-lethal crime.Police, Fire & Emergency ResponseEmergency Services
Violent CrimeViolent crime rates from murder, rape to assault and punishment effect localized at a city level.Police, Fire & Emergency ResponseEmergency Services
Electricity & GasMeasures renewable energy, availability and reliability of current electricity supply.Primary Industries, Services & EnergyAgriculture, Sanitation, Water & Energy
Food SupplyFood quality measured with lower degree of processing, and proximity of farms/food supply to urban centre.Primary Industries, Services & EnergyAgriculture, Sanitation, Water & Energy
Public Water SupplyWater supply quality and purity, and process of water supply.Primary Industries, Services & EnergyAgriculture, Sanitation, Water & Energy
Waste ManagementComprehensiveness of waste treatment and recycling programsPrimary Industries, Services & EnergyAgriculture, Sanitation, Water & Energy
Places of WorshipNumber of churches, mosques or all places of faithful worship.Religion, Multi-Culturalism & CharitiesNFPs
ResourcesMeasuring available resources at a national level with best available city allocations.Resources, Mining, Oil and GasResources
Fitness FacilitiesPresence of gyms, and indoor and outdoor facilities for amateur and professional sports.Sports, Wellbeing & FitnessSports
Sports FanaticismLevel of support for a variety of sports codes, and general sports industry support.Sports, Wellbeing & FitnessSports
Sports StadiumsQuantity and modernity of stadium infrastructure in or near city.Sports, Wellbeing & FitnessSports
Company SetupHow long does it take to set-up a private company? A more transparent, fast company process is part of entrepreneurial culture.Start-Ups & EnterpriseStart-Ups & Enterprise
Growth Business FundingMeasuring the breadth and depth of venture capital availability options.Start-Ups & EnterpriseStart-Ups & Enterprise
Start-Up EconomyMeasuring the number of start-up enterprises, and relative strength of the 'start-up' economy at a city level.Start-Ups & EnterpriseStart-Ups & Enterprise
Start-Up Office SpacesAre the spaces for start-up or branch office companies to use for first offices? Do spaces allow collaboration? Are they affordable?Start-Ups & EnterpriseStart-Ups & Enterprise
City BrandingPerception of city brand (commonly referred to as Placemaking or City branding) now drives the potential economic opportunities presented to a city. Includes Ranking.Tourism & TravelTravel
Global Airport ConnectionsHow well connected and how close is the airport to other major airports in flying hours?Tourism & TravelTravel
Hotel RangeRange of hotels, motels, hostels and accommodation options with a strong mix and bed supply being optimal.Tourism & TravelTravel
Inbound VisitorsNumber of inbound tourist arrivals in area by all recorded modes.Tourism & TravelTravel
International ConferencesConference popularity and facilities within city, and whether all year round or seasonal.Tourism & TravelTravel
International StudentsNumber and professional mix of international students in city, compared to competing cities.Tourism & TravelTravel
LanguagesHow many languages do the citizens of a city speak? Are those languages international languages, or regional dialects. % of English fluency is a key enabler of trade.Tourism & TravelTravel
Multi-LingualMulti-lingual cities, speaking major global languages, are open to further trade diversity than more isolated single language (or dialect) cultures.Tourism & TravelTravel
Tourist EntryEase of visitor entry for wealthier national tourists and casual visitors to country.Tourism & TravelTravel
Travel AdvisoriesTravel advisories by one of the UK, US, Canada, Australia or NZ can indicate negative reasons against travel.Tourism & TravelTravel
Visitor EntryMeasures visa requirements for entry and classifies degree of burden placed on a potential traveller.Tourism & TravelTravel
Visitor InformationQuality and quantity of printed, web and mobile information in English and other languages, that is easily available.Tourism & TravelTravel
Airport TransfersModes of airport transfer and direct integration and support on city transit networks.Transport, Roads & MobilityTransport & Automotive
AutomobilesRoad quality and expansiveness, as well as car-sharing and environmental initiatives.Transport, Roads & MobilityTransport & Automotive
Bicycle FriendlyAvailability of protected and designated bicycle facilities, as well as bicycle support.Transport, Roads & MobilityTransport & Automotive
City Transport InfrastructureMeasuring the capability and size of the public transport network in terms of commitment to fixed infrastructure.Transport, Roads & MobilityTransport & Automotive
Inter-City ConnectionsAvailability of super-fast/fast-rail (higher benchmarks), rail or alternately airports or buses (lower).Transport, Roads & MobilityTransport & Automotive
International AirportMajor modern airport with full facilities measured against best airports.Transport, Roads & MobilityTransport & Automotive
Personal MobilityMobility via personal mobility devices (micro mobility like scooters etc), rideshare (and to a lesser extent automobile)Transport, Roads & MobilityTransport & Automotive
Public City TransportCity Transport Infrastructure - renamedTransport, Roads & MobilityTransport & Automotive
Service DeliveryReliability of services, and amenity of services on an average day.Transport, Roads & MobilityTransport & Automotive
Service FrequencyFrequency of services to most suburban areas during the key peak and off-peak times.Transport, Roads & MobilityTransport & Automotive
Street SignageAvailability and international language-neutral approaches to signage.Transport, Roads & MobilityTransport & Automotive
StreetsWidth and layout of streets, major streets that are well known globally.Transport, Roads & MobilityTransport & Automotive
Taxi ServiceAvailability, safety and reliability of taxi service and government policy towards taxis.Transport, Roads & MobilityTransport & Automotive
Transport AccessibilityStated and actual accessibility for fixed and mobile public transport options (rail, buses, metro). Includes assessment of accessibility for People of Determination.Transport, Roads & MobilityTransport & Automotive
Transport AutomationAutomation of mass-transit, driverless trains, transport infrastructure automation and driverless vehicle technology uptake.Transport, Roads & MobilityTransport & Automotive
Transport CoverageDistribution of multiple transport modes across the city in existing and new suburbs.Transport, Roads & MobilityTransport & Automotive

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Benchmark Scoring

All indicators are colour-coded in 6 bands to provide quick global comparisons across different cultures.

Benchmark scoring distributes across a bell-like curve for 525 cities globally.


2thinknow defined these indicators in 2009, based on research process dating to 2005.

Definition and methods are currently improved annually. Analysts preparing the final 3 factors scores of the Innovation Cities™ Indexes have consulted substantially similar City Benchmarking Data Indicators data since 2009 (2008-2007 indexes based on a more subjective preliminary method).

2016-2017 has been the year of most significant changes since 2012-2013.


All indicators contain quantitative and qualitative data that is sourced from 2thinknow data-set and over 5000 sources.


For a detailed explanation of the rationale of the indicators, please arrange a call to discuss.

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