City Data Points to Compare Cities

We all know we should be making data-driven decisions.

Should you use national or state data that varies 800% between locations?

Or, city data - which is much more accurate? Of course, city data is often very difficult to find. You can trust 2THINKNOW unrivalled decade+ expertise in finding and creating the best city data. We make it easier for you.


Mix and match 2THINKNOW data points with confidence. Only 2THINKNOW data has been triple-checked for accuracy & cross-compatibility.


You are able to make better dwith the data from 2THINKNOW. Because 2THINKNOW data is standardized across sources.


You are able to make better decisions with 2THINKNOW more current data. Refreshed & updated to latest stable year.


2THINKNOW Data is in Excel which is great for your speedy ease-of-use (no complex web interface or messy downloads).

Highest Quality

2THINKNOW data is sourced from reliable city sources, and triple cross-checked. 2THINKNOW have our own proprietary estimation methods.

Customers have included:

Select just the cities you need.

Select & order data for the cities you need globally from 500+ cities. From any country.

Current City List

You can order any cities - even those not on the list!


Almost Any Data Point

Our Index is based on 1000+ Data Points. Our City Data Catalog below lists the 500+ most popular. You can once again, ask us for data not on the Catalog. Many customers do.

Simple Unit Pricing

With our simple pricing model. More details when you download our City Data Catalog.

# of Cities

Order the number of cities you need. Starting at 10 cities up to 2000!

# of Data Points

Order just the Data Points you need.

Recent Year

Data is the most Current Year. Time Series may be available on request.

Get your free City Data Catalog

See all our core popular Data Points which you can select from, and contact details for a Proposal.

Corporate or government email address required. i.e. preferably no gmail, hotmail, etc.

With 2thinknow, your data models will be more reliable.


With current, accurate, consistent city-level data.