Government: 4 Ways We Help You

Please ask. Indicative pricing options & features follow:

Four simple ways to achieve your team's goals:

Benchmark an Indicator

Select any one of 162 Indicators, to improve your city. Compare any 50 competing cities. Full report. Recommended actions.

Benchmark an Industry

Benchmark your city on any industry or portfolio (transport, smart, digital, etc). Recommended changes possible.

Benchmark Your City
Complete analysis report benchmarking your city on a mix of your selected indicators. Improvement recommendations.
Change Your City

A comprehensive review, and full change plan with creative co-creation. When you need help to change quickly. Includes an Action Plan to achieve.

Benchmark Indicator
Single Indicator Report
Per Report

Benchmark your city on a single indicator against competing cities.

Select any 50 cities from 500 covered.

Choose any ONE from 162 Indicators

All Data & Charts in Excel for Internal Use

Analysis in Slides for External Use

Analyst Email Support for 60 Days

30 Min. Video Support Call

Benchmark Industry
Single Industry Report

Benchmark your city on a single industry against competing cities.

Select any 25 cities from 500 covered.

Multi-indicator 31 Industries or Special*

Data & Chart Format in Excel for Internal Use

Full Slide Analysis for External Use

Analyst Email Support for 60 Days

60 Min Video Support Call

City Innovation Plan
Change Your City
(multiple options)

Co-creating a change plan based on 500 cities of data to improve your city.

Cities by invite/request (not all accepted)

Select indicators from data set as needed

Detailed Custom Charts & Data Excel

Multiple Custom Slide Reports

Analyst Email Support Ongoing

Extensive Video Support

Analyst Notes:

* Special Focus includes: Digital Transformation, Smart Cities, Sustainability, Start-up Readiness, Covid-19 Response, Resilience, and more custom criteria. All can be adapted to the focus of YOUR leadership team, not the focus of others. Please ask us.

** China cities 'single city' analysis not available. Limited availability for a few emerging region cities.

All prices in USD$ or local currency equivalent at mid-market rates on day of invoice.