Resources for Boosting Innovation in City Government

Now your stakeholders want true new ideas and innovation.

Meanwhile you and your team still need surety. Surety based on evidence that something worked somewhere else. And surety you have a solution among the best practical solutions. Surety based on the best data. Surety the change you are proposing is defensible. Against all comers.

2thinknow offer you the very best evidence for your programs, at a fairer price than consulting.

Whether it is bicycle lanes, open data portals, transport modalities, economic activation, social programs or something else 2thinknow's data-led approach can help you immediately.

We help you - isolate the best data, the best strategies, the best ideas that worked. The best evidence to show others. Ultimately, we keep you and your team safer, while innovating.

To access the correct evidence. Get the right partner. At a fairer price.

To build the best business case and change programs, you need the best evidence. All the solutions you purchase from 2thinknow are based on evidence. Evidence from 500 cities. The solutions outlined for your consideration range from do-it-yourself analyst insights to city data, benchmark reports, co-creation workshops, our global 'discovery' search process, right up to bespoke planning.

Giving you evidence-based solutions that you can point to “worked in other peer cities.”

Regardless of ultimate outcomes. Giving you greater safety, lower risk.

Reduce your risk, increase your surety, before engaging consultants.


Services below for your consideration. Please, do ask us questions.


Our clients can make a case for innovation. They know higher rates of innovation mean more income, revenue, lower unemployment.

If you are looking to improve your economy, and fund social programs you care about, growth is the only answer. A higher rate of innovation in our Index correlates to much higher economic growth (higher rates of $GDP per capita for you economic geeks) over time.

Higher innovation rates also correlates to lower rates of unemployment. And if you could measure it, cities with higher rates of innovation are more dynamic.

If you want to understand and develop innovation, is the best way long academic theories? Asking a consultant? Yet another long change process? Tasking graduates who can use google?

In the Special Annual Package offer we share the tools & practical insights direct from 500 cities, studied since 2007 by 2thinknow. Insights you can start sharing right away!

All at a very special time-limited annual price!


Our clients have accurate data to compare cities.

2THINKNOW can give you data to benchmark and compare your city on any metric, against any other group of peer cities. Peer cities in your country or across the world. We help you select comparison set. 

Accurate well-selected data can help you re-frame old debates. Present evidence for better business cases. Argue for new programs. Or just protect yourself against criticism.

Why 2THINKNOW Data? Our unique 500 city process over a decade enables us to uncover, crosscheck or create data points others cannot. If you 'came in late' you are not as experienced, nor as focussed, on the evidence.

How will you know the data is accurate? Unless your firm specialises in accurate city data.

Do not take risks with consulting - get 2thinknow accurate data first.


Our clients have evidence.

Affordable benchmark reports save you large sums on consulting.

Our clients get the best comparative data insights. This is because we helped them benchmark themselves and define success collaboratively. Increasing their surety and security - before the big name consultants.

Indicator Benchmarks

Select any one of 162 Indicators, to improve your city. Compare any 50 competing cities. Full report. Recommended actions.

Industry Benchmarks

Benchmark your city on any industry or portfolio (transport, smart, digital, etc). Recommended changes possible.

City-Wide Benchmarks
Benchmark your city on only the indicators you can control or influence. Best practice evidence for areas you care about.
Improve your Benchmarks
Comprehensive review with benchmarks & total innovation action plan, based on 500 cities of insights, to help you move fast.


We discover top 1% solutions to our clients impossible problems, fast.

Thanks to breakthrough new data analysis from 2thinknow you can solve those impossible practical city problems. Or at least, make real progress.

Imagine if you will a data-set of 500+ cities from across the world. For every problem you face, this beautiful data set contains answers of cities that have gone before you. Defensible answers. Answers you can emulate. And not just that, the means for our analysts to data model, filter and sort the best solution for your problem from the top1% of cities worldwide in that area. Then our analysts expertly filtering that top 1% solution down to a final 'best of breed' solution.

All with the surety of knowing someone else did it first. That's a real surety. Likely that we can even connect you with the architects of the solution.  At no extra charge.

Alternatively, you can do the same old, same old. Engage a consulting firm using graduates on google to search for solutions. Who then come up with unworkable strategy. At an unaffordable price. Sad, but largely true.

Or... before you farm out another costly consulting engagement... just ask 2thinknow.

Save on consulting - define 'success' before you start.

Who are 2thinknow?

Well we publish the Innovation Cities™ Index. That’s the site you are on. With our rankings, you probably know us - even if you don’t. Our data is used almost every time you hear someone speak about innovation (and its many other words) in a global context of cities. Or the best or top cities. We are a small team of data analysts, with special tools & approaches.

The basis of the index is 162 indicators on 500 cities. With thousands more data points behind the scenes. That is a massive data set, compiled over more than 12 years. And that is a lot of insights to help our clients.


BONUS- Our clients access the quickest city knowhow & usable takeaways in one newsletter.

We share general secrets, insights and take-aways from the data of 500 cities. It is based on the data we collect on 500 cities. What is better theory? Or data and practice?

Subscribe now here - As a Cities Innovator for only USD $1,050 per annum. (Great value)

Weekly insights and analysis. Email newsletter and searchable archive. Plus annual summary of Index results 36 hours prior to release.

LAUNCH ONLY BONUS - Any Indicator - 12 cities results!

Note warning - this excludes all the value in the very special analysis package - so we recommend you purchase that first to understand the concepts.