Current Innovation Cities™ Index Methodology for compilation, ranking and city results.

Download the Basic Index in Excel Format

Download the basic Innovation Cities Index 2014 in Excel format -- classifying and ranking 445 cities globally for innovation. For more detail purchase the Innovation Cities Analysis Report or a Bronze City Package. Copyright 2014 (c) 2thinknow and related entities.

City Data Points

Select from thousands of 2THINKNOW Data Points to compare cities important to you worldwide. Create new products, awesome […]

Indicators for Cities

These are the 162 standard City Indicators from the City Benchmarking Data program. 2thinknow analysts use these indicators to collect qualitative and quantitative about cities, then provide relative benchmark scores against the set of 445 benchmark cities.

31 Department & Industries Areas We Measure

These 31 segments are designed to capture the industry and community zones of an economy. 2thinknow analyses places by 31 segments for clients. Whilst focused on metropolitan cities, our segment analysis also is applied to states, nations, suburbs and regions.

3 Factors

Using the Innovation Cities™ Framework. For the index, the 162 city indicators across 31 industry and community segments, weighted and are summed up into 3 factors.