City Data Points

Select from thousands of 2THINKNOW Data Points to compare cities important to you worldwide.

Create new products, awesome services or locate businesses.
Some Key Uses include:

Some features of Data Points:

Truly Global

Order Data Points on almost any cities, starting with the 500 cities in the Index.

City Level

All Data Points available at the city level (urban core) or Metropolitan Area.


Data is standardized using special 2thinknow processes -- with over 10 years’ experience as leaders in this space.

Clear & Quick
Data labelled with units, and clear for your quick analysis.

Unlike other general stats services, 2thinknow Data Points are up-to-date, sometimes as recent as current year.


2thinknow Data Points can be highly specific targeted data points with units.

Easy Format

Get your data in standard Excel format ready for upload to your systems or manipulate in Excel.

Massive Range

Massive range of data points covering almost everything about a city.

How this effects the Index

2-10 Data Points are used in each of the City Indicators. The 162 City Indicators are then used to create the Innovation Cities™ Index.