About the Innovation Cities™ Index

Disruption is no longer coming. It's here.

The 3 main trends we identified driving this are:

Are you ready?

We are. Prepared & optimistic (still).

Based on our capabilities. Which are:


Adaptive Data Science

Rather than old, tired statistics, cutting-edge city-level Data Science techniques by 2thinknow are used.

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City Rankings

Ranking cities for innovation

Innovation Cities™ Index measures conditions for cities since 2007.  Now covers all the world's major cities.

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Innovation Models

Modelling Change in Cities.

2thinknow created models based on data of past innovation in cities globally. Based on our own 2005 research.

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Conclusion in one sentence? Here it is:

City innovation comes from being more local, while going global.

Our group includes:

Unique features of our approach.


Established, quantitative Index and ranking of cities - since 2007. Stable basis from latest data science and track record.



Measuring cities on easy and difficult data since 2007. Measurement allows better planning.



Businesses use 2thinknow Data Points to compare cities worldwide for decision-making.



Basis of qualitative & quantitative benchmarking of cities - from 2thinknow City Indicators.



Insights arising from city benchmarks & comparative city data. This allows city improvement.


Milestones on our journey:


Data Science Mastery

Applying latest data science methods from 2thinknow to cities. This includes original data algorithms from research & development. Arising from this, our analysts create Big Data city data-sets. This Big Data set covers all major cities. And allows 2THINKNOW compare, measure and give advice to improve cities globally.

2020 City Analysis
"SUPERB" - one of our distinguished clients. We created new analysis methods to help cities create innovation (even during Covid).
2019 UN & OECD
In 2019, 2THINKNOW were asked to present at both the United Nations in Geneva and OECD in Paris.
2018 Index

With new indicators and the first 95% quantitative index, calculated mainly by algorithm and latest data science.

2017 Rapid Growth

The 2017 Innovation Cities Index reached 500 cities with 162 indicators, and over 10,000! media mentions since 2007.

2016 Tech Insider

With massive publicity every year, first parallel publication of Advanced Tech Cities Index developed for Tech Insider using 2thinknow data.

2014-2016 Data Science
In 2015, 2thinknow began inventing new data science techniques to comprise our platform, and complete missing data.
2013 Training Focus
2thinknow developed our training methodology which helped a prominent city win regional and global awards.
2012 Data Beta
2thinknow began building the data science platform through R&D in early beta and take on first major clients.

Innovation Models

Development of concept of cities model for innovation, and improving cities worldwide, based on the extraordinary passionate commitment of founder, Christopher Hire, to better cities and a better world based on data-backed decisions. Let's make the world a greater series of cities, one city at a time!

2011 Model
Total re-development and final testing of the 2thinknow model methodology for comparing cities.
2010 Media
One of the first major release of the Index ranking, with 289 cities and thousands of media articles.
2009 Data

2009 City Benchmarking Data was established and began early beta collation and production of city data.

2007-2008 Tour

Global knowledge tours to observe and develop new data and research methods used by 2thinknow.

2007 Rankings
The first city rankings by 2thinknow of 22 cities were released in 2007, later becoming the Indexes.
2006 Research

Original cities thinking was completed in 2006 by Christopher Hire in US and Europe.

2006 2thinknow
The creator of the Innovation Cities™ Program, 2thinknow, was established in 2006 as a brand.
2005 Concept
Christopher Hire, founder, came up with the city ideas while studying post-graduate and developed concept notes in Europe in 2005.

Going Forward, Our Vision is Use Innovation & Data to Help Your Local Become More Global.