31 Department & Industries Areas We Measure

You can measuring all places by 31 department or industry areas.

2thinknow's 31 segments correspond to key government departments or areas.

These cover almost all key economic, industry and social functions of an economy.

Why this matters?

Our clients can analysis and report on their cities by any of these 31 areas. We provide access to compare cities on any segment you are focussed on. We can provide you analysis, insights, presentations or reports.

(e.g. if you were in Transport we can provide all your key global transport metrics to benchmark any city or list of cities).

Each segment contains several indicators from this constantly updated list.

Architecture, History & Planning

Arts & Culture

Basic Services (Utilities, Food Supply, Water)


Commerce & Finance

Cultural Exchange: Travel & Tourism

Diplomacy & Trade

Economics (General)

Education, Science & Universities

Environment & Nature


Food & Hospitality


Government & Politics

Health & Medicine

Industry & Manufacturing

Information, Media & Publishing

Labour, Employment & Workforce

Law & Governance

Logistics, Freight & Ports

Military & Defence

Mobility, Autos, Cycling & Transport

Music & Performance

People & Population

Public Safety

Resources, Mining, Oil and Gas

Retail & Shopping

Spirituality, Religion & Charities

Sports & Fitness

Start-ups & Entrepreneurs

Technology & Communications

Other Notes

At the indicator level and in analyst services we can work with other standard industry classifications. These can be mapped to NAICS or other codes for industry.

Contact us to discuss how to report on your industry or department benchmarks.