Save & beat the December Price Rise!

Save-price-riseEvery year, 2thinknow adjust pricing in December for the forthcoming year, but we’d like to give you, our Innovation Cities™ clients, advance notice.

Due to introductory pricing in 2009, and exchange rate variations (the falling US Dollar, rising Australian dollar) – we will substantially adjust many 2thinknow analysis & dChristopher Hire [Executive Director, innovation analysts – 2thinknow]ata products. This will impact the Innovation Cities™ Program. In many cases this will result in price rises in 2010.

So order & pay before December 15th 2009, and save.

Product pricing – Order now.

It’s not to late to confirm & order Innovation Cities™ products for your city. Products that are lower cost now [before December 15th 2009]  include:

Service pricing.

Due to current lower global travel / telecommunications costs, service pricing is unlikely to be affected in 2010, although this will also be reviewed, and may be subject to some change.

HOW To order now based on current pricing.

Get our Order forms with all current pricing, & opportunity to pay via Visa, Mastercard, Amex or Cheque.

Email Sam at now, for an order form for your country & region.