City Packages

Easily measure city performance with City Packages by 2thinknow containing:


Complete data-set on your city with 162 indicators of data included with all packages except Bronze.


Full range of analysis reports included with each package, including annual and special reports.


All packages allow you city to receive analyst support including on your data & index results.


A range of analyst advisory options are introduced in Platinum and Gold packages, to assist you and your city.

View Your Data

View all data points and indicators 2thinknow sell to corporations about your city.

Update Your Data

By subscribing cities update/clarify their own data we have gathered (subject to evidence requirements)

Latest Analysis

Beyond city innovation, special reports feature other rankings and industry/city reports.

Promote Wins

Cities can promote surprising facts about their city that 2thinknow independently uncover.

10 Years+ R&D

2thinknow have taken 10+ years of development to build the Program.


All data & reports provided in easy-to-use slide & Excel formats for quick inclusion in your internal reports (and no hassles).


Being a package bundle, city offerings are specially subsidized by sales of data to business.


2thinknow are independent of politics and inter-governmental decisions that schew data. We try to be neutral.