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The place branding consultant who isn't a 'consultant'.

Your place brand should be based on data. Not just any data, but the latest data. Not just data on you, but data on places you are competing with. And, make no mistake -- you are competing. As well as a market-based methodology, 2THINKNOW access the very latest city data. The same data used to grow the the Innovation Cities™ Index since 2007. As seen in 10,000+ global media.

We also don't believe in massive million dollar fees charged by large consultancies on this topic. Which famous city paid $5 Million for a basic logo?? Crazy!

No. Place branding has to be affordable. And rational. Don't you agree?

As the agency behind the Index, 2thinknow can assist you to brand your place. Using data first. Here's 3 goals we can help with:

Place Analysis

How does your place compare against global benchmarks?

We use up to 162 indicators to benchmark places (and visitors brand perceptions) and bring our global data set of all the world’s cities to draw insights for your city or region showing it’s hidden strengths.

Place Strategy

All place strategy should be based on knowledge of strength.

Using our City Benchmarking Data™ of 162 indicators for all the world’s cities create a unique strategy to develop and enhance the strengths and supporting areas that complement your strengths for lasting value.

Place Branding in Market

Your place should be branded as unique. Special.

Using our City Benchmarking Data™, 2thinknow analysts can advise and help you express out what is unique about your place. Not a ‘copy’ but a brand built on the unique strengths of your place.

This can include logo, brand and other marketing advice.

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Your Choice of Affordable Delivery Methods

Why are we affordable? Simple. You are not paying 800% hourly fees for graduates to do research. We already have the research!

Get Instant Advice

Video Advice Call

Ask your immediate branding questions in an affordable solution. Our senior analysts will give you advice. This will be based on all the 162 indicators of data we hold on 500+ cities.

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Learn Yourself

In-Person Training

We bring our unique data and teach you. Place Branding workshops are centred around data about your city. We conduct the workshop in your city (or via video if you prefer).

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Complete Strategy

Over a series of discussions remotely or in person. We build a strategy step-by-step with your team based on our unique data. This will be affordable based on our unique methods reducing costs to you.

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So what are you waiting for?

Create a memorable place brand from data.


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