2009 Emerging Cities: Africa, Mid-East, former-USSR

The following is a list of cities that are long-listed for the Innovation Cities Index 2009 in the Emerging Region – spanning from Africa to the Middle-East to the former USSR & ‘Stan Countries.

This is 1 of 4 regions, the others being Europe, Asia & Americas. Moreso than the other regions basic wealth, health, living requirements exclude many emerging cities in what was previously termed the ‘Developing World’. This list will be expanded right up until publication.

Africa, Middle-East & ‘Stan Cities.

The Innovation Cities Index 2009 will be published 28 July 2009, in summary worldwide in the ‘Innovation Cities Analysis Report‘ – also known as the ‘Green Book’.

The ‘Innovation Cities Analysis Report‘ and Single City Data Sets – for any of 256 cities are available for pre-order now, at a discount until June 30.

From this list in the Innovation Cities Index, Emerging Regional Winners and Global Winners will be selected – as well as Global Cities of Excellence. Emerging cities have featured in 2008

City Country State/Areas
Abu Dhabi UAE
Cape Town South Africa
Dakar Senegal
Doha Qatar
Dubai UAE
Jeddah Saudi Arabia
Johannesburg South Africa
Kiev Ukraine
Kuwait City Kuwait
Riyadh Saudi Arabia