2011 INDEX: How will your city benchmark? Release date: October

Innovation Cities™ Index 2011 will be released this coming week.

The world’s largest city classification of 331 benchmark cities (final) as urban innovation economies is released before this coming week before 15 October 2011. Release has been delayed to factor in further analysis based on European and North American economic events.

In the Innovation Cities Index by 2thinknow, cities are classified as Nexus, Hubs, Nodes, Influencers and Upstarts. Nexus and Hubs are the cities most desirable as we turn a downturn into an innovation economy. There were 30 top tier Nexus cities, and 65 Hubs named in 2010.

By building urban innovation economies in a global network, we can create the global innovation economy. World’s first innovation agency, 2thinknow is leading the way on the innovation economy with the Innovation Cities™ Index.

Leading Cities Index

Last year’s rankings were a smash hit, with over 240,000 visits to our servers in a 12 month period. Once again, this year’s includes a top index ranking of the top cities globally, as well as 4 regional indexes (Americas, Europe, Asia and Emerging) — and of course the full global classification of all cities.

Beneath the Innovation Cities Index, 2thinknow analysts prepare and access 162 city indicators of data. This is summarized as a final 3 factor analyst score, with top cities (last year above 70% score) ranked by 2thinknow innovation analysts. In 2011, rankings will be done against short and mid-term economic and social trends driving innovation.

Ordering Data and Report

City benchmarking data is available from www.citybenchmarkingdata.com for order as both single cities, and comparative cities data.

The Innovation Cities Analysis Report accompanies the Index and is available to order from http://report.innovation-cities.com.

Subscriptions are available for cities to have access to our full data-set for each city.

Release of city rankings & index

Release to media and online will be before Thursday October 15th.

Media Release, Indexes and FAQ will be fully available on this site on or after this data.

Contact media@2thinknow.com to receive an embargoed pre-release or confirm you are on the media / industry list.