Annual City Award Trophies

Reward your cities innovation success each year.

2thinknow, publisher of the Innovation Cities™ Indexes each year issues award trophies to the world’s innovation cities. These are available to service package subscriber clients and for order online.

Trophies are attractive clear crystal engraved with:

  • Innovation Cities Index and Year
  • Name of the City, and details
  • Classification
  • Ranking
  • Any other awards


The current names of cities eligible for each year are listed by year — view the Indexes here.

All cities listed can receive a certificate and trophy in their classification and rank for each year they are listed since 2007.

Service Package Clients

To automatically receive a city trophy, cities can purchase a silver or platinum service package.

Award presentations

Should you like to organize a city innovation event with an award presentation to your Mayor or dignitaries, please contact us. This can be arranged to include a speech or city visit.

Ordering trophies.

Premium subscribers automatically receive trophies upon shipping. For non-subscribers, trophies can be ordered for top 100 cities. Printed certificates available and can also be ordered for all cities. >