Annual City Award Certificates

Reward & recognise city innovation, with annual Index certificates.

2thinknow, publisher of the Innovation Cities™ Indexes each year issues award certificates  to the world’s innovation cities. These are available to service package subscriber clients and for order online. The Award certificates display:

  • 2thinknow logo and program branding
  • Name of the City & country
  • Year of Index
  • City Classification in the year

Where applicable, the certificates include the global or regional ranking.

Print certificates are issued by 2thinknow on heavy paper suitable for framing & wall display.


Certificates are available for all years for all cities listed in Index 2007.


The current names of cities eligible for each year are listed by year — view the Indexes here.

All cities listed can order certificates  in their classification and rank for each year they are listed since 2007.

Order Print Certificates