Annual City Awards

Reward your cities and people’s success.

Each year since 2007, the Innovation Cities™ Index has announced the world’s most innovative cities. Since this time, results of the the Index has been mentioned in global media like the Boston Globe, Reuters, New York Times, Seattle Times, China People’s Daily, Forbes, Entrepreneur and others. Our index receives several million views across multiple sites, and is tracked by over 65% of world cities (as at Feb. 2012).

See the Indexes for more information.

Award Certificates &  Trophies

2thinknow, publisher of the Innovation Cities™ Indexes each year issues award certificates and trophies to the world’s innovation cities. These are available to service package subscriber clients and for order online.


The current names of cities eligible for each year are listed by year — view the Indexes here.

All cities listed can receive a certificate and trophy in their classification and rank for each year they are listed since 2007.

Availability & Ordering

Printed certificate packs and award trophies for your city are available to order for each year since 2007.

Representatives of cities, governments, businesses and agencies can order index certificates and trophies individually for your city for each year. Current pricing is available under the ‘Order Online’ button below.


More information on city trophies and award certificates.

Service Package Clients

To automatically receive a city trophy or certificate, cities can purchase a silver or platinum service package.

Award presentations

Should you like to organize a city innovation event with an award presentation to your Mayor or dignitaries, please contact us. This can be arranged to include a speech or city visit.