Arts & Culture

This segment contains the following Indicators available to order.

Cinema & Film

Diversity of cinema offerings including film festivals.

Cultural Festivals

Cities with cultural festivals that attract a multitude of global (Edinburgh Comedy Festival), regional, national and local visits.

Dance & Ballet

Dance companies and ballet companies resident or transient in the city.

Fine Artists

Measuring the number of fine artists, and/or their support structures.


Measuring support for local crafts and artisan items, substantial evidence needed.

Private Art Galleries

Measuring art dealers and related industries.

Public Art Galleries

Public art galleries can profile a city and support the art in that city.

Public Artworks

Public statues, external 2D and 3D art and external exhibitions or artistic items.

Public Museums

Measuring breadth and depth of museum infrastructure in city.

Satire & Comedy

Measuring support for comedy events.

Theatre & Plays

Theatres and plays (not movie cinemas) within CBD and surrounds accessible to visitors and residents.

Youth Activities

Data points on breadth of available activities for youth (from pre-school to teenage).

Other options:

Data Points within these indicators are also available for separate order.