Call for Innovation Partners: Sponsorship opportunities for the Innovation Cities Program

Ahead of the launch of the Innovation Cities™ Global Index 2010, 2thinknow Innovation Cities™ Program today announced a global call for suitable win-win partnerships.

Partner will have global exposure as part of the Innovation Cities™ Global Index, Local Innovation Forum event, City Benchmarking Data and other related innovation programs.

All programs provide marketing, website, social media, media releases and marketing opportunities — and of course, 2thinknow are very open to innovative ideas, and approaches. This could include producing co-branded reports, rankings, data sharing, data access or more!

We would like to work closely with partners and sponsors, who are suitably aligned, global in size and who could benefit from being aligned with a commercially-minded global program for economic and social urban innovation.

We’d be interested in hearing from:

  • Airlines and airline alliances
  • International meeting facilities
  • Large hotel chains
  • Technology services / consulting firms
  • Professional services firms
  • Suitable professional associations
  • Global leadership bodies

We’d be interested in other arrangements from suitably qualified large firms on a win-win basis.

We’d anticipate the provision of a sponsorship fee, or some marketing or service trade (e.g. flights and accommodation) to form the basis of the marketing partnership.

Please contact us with your ideas, or to discuss.

Keep innovating,

Christopher Hire
Executive Director
2thinknow ICP