Innovation Cities Index 2009, a global ranking of all major cities, is released to the public online Tuesday July 28, 2009 from Melbourne, Australia.

Based on 256 cities selected from a datafile of 1540 cities worldwide, the Index measures the economic & social potential of global, regional & local cities.

The basis of the cities research, the most expansive of its type, is the Innovation Cities Analysis Report 2009 (still available for pre-order at a 25%  discount until August 9th, 2009). The report, also known as the Green Book, is shipped late-August 2009.

Cities initally selected are divided into 4 regions:

The Innovation Cities Index is the public published city rankings of the Innovation Cities Program. The direction of the Index is to identify which cities have the optimal future economic & social potential for innovation in the mid-term.


Most economists agree that innovation & productivity improvement are the only 2 paths to sustainable economic growth. Leading Economic body, the OECD, recently credited investment in innovation as crucial for nations and cities re-emerging from previous recessions.

In 2009,  2thinknow Innovation Cities Index provides a broad global ranking of cities based on innovation in the context of city challenges of Economics, Environment & Equity.


The index, by 2thinknow, is the the first to measure innovation from a broad multiple-industry base relevant to current trends. The results will be published on this site July 28, 2009.

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