City Benchmarking Data Launch 09 : Measure what matters

Cities Benchmarking Data measures what matters, not just what is easy to measure.


In a global world, full of local city opportunities there is a lack of comparative data that measures cities potential. Potential to embrace future change and profit economically whilst becoming better, more social, places to live, work & play.

In 2009, 2thinknow City Benchmarking Data [CBD] is working towards 256 cities scored on 162 data points (see Innovation Indicators) using a banding method to encompass qualitative & quantitative data alike. The 256 Cities in our Innovation Cities Program cover many major developed cities.

2thinknow uses empirical, evidence-based methods in conjunction with specialised statistical comparison techniques; capturing data that relates to actual city outcomes, based on what matters to our cities future economic & social performance.

Uses of Cities Benchmark Data

City Analysis & Planning.

The CBD data-set is a benchmarked comparison and analysis of cities strength & weaknesses on a global comparative basis. By assessing at a meaningful level, and using 2thinknow’s guiding principle of Usable Insight, the cities data set guides cities to improve their economic & social performance.

Purchase the Data: Cities Benchmarking Data is available for to purchase individual cities in Microsoft Excel. Multi-city discounts are available. See > Single City Data Sets

Request Advisory. Cities Advisory services – strategic advisory – are available from 2thinknow. These start from a quick & enlightening tele-conference (Virtual Advisory) with a 2thinknow professional innovation advisor, and move to face-to-face small group consulting globally.

To work with 2thinknow to utilise the City Benchmarking Data, please request an advisory EMAIL

These services are available to City Governments, Chambers of Commerce, Trade Boards, State Government and other City-related entities.

Global City Rankings

2thinknow Cities Benchmarking Data is weighted based on current change trends, and a cut of the data used as the basis of analysis for the 2thinknow Innovation Cities [IC] Index. The IC Index is the leading global ranking of cities on their ability to deliver economic & social outcomes based on their innovation performance.

The IC Index is published on this website, in media and a detailed accompanying Innovation Cities Analysis Report 2009 is available for purchase from 2thinknow.

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