Is your city a case study in innovation?

2thinknow collects case studies and positive examples of innovation, as well as the occasional cautionary tale. Predominately the good stories, and a little of the bad, are published in the Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report, October Edition. Executive Director, Christopher Hire, commented:

"If I had one question that I get asked most it is: So, which cities are most innovative? Or, the comment I think City X is more innovative than City Y. Any answer is always more complex than a single score can explain - particularly when examined on a by-industry basis. The Analyst Report explains how to benchmark, analyse and ultimately rank, cities."

For people seeking to know if their city is discussed or listed as an example within the report, 2thinknow have created a city index of which of the 256 cities are listed in the report, and where. List of Cities discussed in the Report, with page references ORDER NOW: The Innovation Cities Analysis Report can be ordered easily from: Please contact 2thinknow analysts, with any questions.