City Innovation Consulting

Innovation Consulting Services goal for cities is to improve innovation performance relative to its comparative strengths, using 2thinknow City Benchmarking Data.

All innovation consulting services are provided by global innovation agency, 2thinknow - creator of Innovation Cities™ Program. When used in conjunction with our City Benchmarking Data, 2thinknow can assist cities to draw up a strategic plan to achieve new economic & social outcomes, based on a logical framework that can be communicated to your team members.

Businesses can also be assisted in areas such as Smart Cities, Livable Cities, city rankings and city innovation (in general).

Some Delivery Methods

Private Advisory

Private strategic advice on specific change initiatives in your city and business. Delivered one-to-one by senior analysts.

Smart Consulting

Smart consulting engagement with analysts: via online communication technologies. Our analysts work with you.


Short-term consulting to achieve your immediate project needs in creative ways.

In this way, advice can be delivered in person to your city government or chamber of commerce, in many of U.S., Canadian, European, Australian and Asian cities. We are also more than happy to work with you to design custom packages. Other locations may find our Virtual Advisory services the most practical & more cost-effective, as we have already completed the 'benchmarking' of your city prior to commencement.

Virtual Advisory

via Phone, Video or Internet Conference

Meeting Advisory

in person workshops, sessions, advisory

Consulting Rates

Consulting engagement rates vary by location, and engagement type. Weekly and Daily pre-paid rates available for short-term city assignments, or request a Proposal.