City Innovation Events

Organize your city event to create innovation.

The Innovation Cities™ Program has been featured in Boston Globe, Reuters, ABC Australia, New York Times, Forbes, Seattle Times, Entrepreneur Magazine as well as Asian newspapers such as the People's Daily and Xinhua or Russian newspapers like the Moscow Times. Global purchasers of our program services include business and government from USA to Europe, Hong Kong and China.

The Innovation Cities™ Program is the only program offering global insight to your event attendees from across the world. Entertaining, empowering and new insight await your audience.

You can make the dynamic content of the Innovation Cities Program into your city innovation event.


Event Collaboration

We work with you as a local organizer to create an amazing local innovation event in your city. Your event can range from a seminar to a congress or conference, and Innovation Cities™ Program and Index can lead your audience to greater innovation.

We include case studies, slides and powerful innovation models and messages that will motivate your audience to feel great and achieve greater innovation !

Each event is an amazing opportunity for a mixed audience of business leaders and city leaders seeking the very latest in global innovation.

Product Opportunity

The Innovation Cities™ Program provides a massive range of data, analysis and reports that can be packaged and sold to your audience. This ranges from small USB stick units to printed reports, and ongoing services, assisting attendees with their innovation implementation.

For organizers only our Innovation Cities Program can provide these products. Let's negotiate commissions on all sales made during the event. This is a large 'back-end' opportunity.

So the more tickets event organizers can sell, the greater the mutual earnings of our collaboration.

Event Organizers

We are seek to work with local organizers and agents who can package a serious life changing innovation event, in a major conference venue.

We can provide all content and presenters for your event, as well as back-end product.

Request your 2thinknow company profile, to start the journey to partner with us for your event.



Asia -- seeking a local event agent in major Asian countries.

United States, Canada, Europe -- we'd like to hear from you.

For other locations, please enquire.

Other events:

For local communities, in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe only we also offer the smaller half-day Local Innovation Forum event -- for community innovation. As an organizer you provide a town hall or smaller venue for these events.