City Workshops

2thinknow offer expert workshops for cities in related innovation topics.

Innovation Cities™

How to make your city more innovative and better develop it's innovation eco-system.

Smart Cities

What are Smart Cities, and how does a city become Smart now and in the future? What does the data tell us?

Placemaking Strategy

How do you make a place a satisfying and innovative place to live, work and play? Sharing secrets from 2thinknow data.

City Branding

How do cities successfully develop a city brand? How can we measure and rank city brands?

What's included with 2thinknow City Workshops

Only with 2thinknow - special case studies, data-driven quantitative models and work with relevant 2thinknow City Benchmarking Data and rankings. 2thinknow approach is quantitative and driven by data science.

Standard Outline

For an idea of our standard workshop outline, see this version.

We can adapt to Trade Promotion or Economic Development or other mixed use cases.

Special Note

Workshop are available in your city. We deliver a set number of workshops per year.