Disclosure: Index Errata, typos and corrections in the Index 2010

The following 4 typographical errors have been corrected in the published Index 2010 file, as part of a routine database check of cities.

  1. Cape Town space added, fixing database error
  2. Fukuoka spelling corrected
  3. Qingdao has had the space removed
  4. Charlottesville is the university town in Virginia, there is no such town in South Carolina

These errors came into the published file. These were through our manual spreadsheet changes, as part of the publishing process, and in Cape Town’s case a typo in the database table. All lists have now been corrected.

Other errors pointed out to us were made by journalists or bloggers in reproducing the list.

As the index is now approaching 300 cities, we’ve now added the ability to automatically cross-check all cities in the published spreadsheet, against our master cities data file with a coded unique ID published next to them (to remove manual cross-checks).