Economics (General)

This segment contains the following Indicators available to order.

Domestic Market Health

The health of the domestic market at a city-level not national based on key industries.

Domestic Market Size

Accessible domestic market size estimated for economic area (within own borders).


Exports national data points. Also attributed to city level through calculation.

Foreign Direct Investment

Foreign direct investment is a key metric. Attributed to city level through calculation.

GDP Per Capita

On a Real basis and PPP (where available). GDP per capita is measured at a city metropolitan area level.


Imports at a national level. Attributed to city level through calculation.

Neighbors Market Size

Measures market size of immediate bordering or closest trading entities (states or nations, as applicable).

Property Prices

Property prices for units and houses, relative to income and value in the inner-city.


National. Foreign exchange and gold reserves normalized into tiers. Includes calculations of city shares of reserves.

Trading Partners Economies

Health of major trading partners or free trade bloc for the city.

Unemployment Rate

Current unemployment rate at a city level, or analyst adjusted estimate based on state/region/national data adjusted for city.

Wealth Distribution

Equity in the society based on wealth equality, using best recorded Gini coefficients and other proxies.

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