Environment & Nature

This segment contains the following Indicators available to order.

Air Cleanliness

Measuring the city air cleanliness, and potential for air quality in given geography.

Climate & Weather

Is the weather consistent and conducive to work? Data points measuring the average climate.


Data points on emissions at a city level where available, or state/national level in some cases.

Natural Disasters

Measuring recent history of natural disasters and potential impact of natural disaster such as earthquake, flood, bushfires, cyclones.


Natural environmental assets such as beaches, parks, wetlands which may affect life quality, and drive tourism/eco-tourism.

Noise Limiting

Measuring noise causes, and classifying limitation measures.

Public Green Areas

Measuring city park protection, and natural and wildlife preservation areas within immediate metropolitan area and inner-city.

Water features

The major water features in terms of importance (e.g. major river), range of amenity and cleanliness.


Other options:

Data Points within these indicators are also available for separate order.