Global City Ranking Countdown – Innovation Cities Index 2018

Crafted and Released with Love of Data ... the Global City Ranking Countdown is On...!

Innovation Cities Index of 2018 Release with Shhh... A New City Winner!

The largest, longest-running and most comprehensive city ranking of 500 cities based on 162 indicators for innovation - including key city themes of Smart, Livability, Startups, Sustainability and other changing themes...

Unlike other indexes 2thinknow use the latest data science and algorithms to drive results. This means city governments can plan to improve their ranking via improving performance over time.

The 11th annual results of the Innovation Cities™ Index 2018 are to be released next week. Started 2007.

City Government - Get Results Now!

City Government - Get Results Now!

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It's going to be an awesome and... very surprising city ranking this year!

 City Package subscribers get the results now, and all data and benchmark scores on their city, after release.