Innovation Cities™ Asia Index 2010

Comprehensive ranking of cities in the global innovation economy across Asia & Oceania.


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1 Hong Kong 18 Hong Kong ASIA 1 NEXUS
2 Melbourne 19 Australia ASIA 1 NEXUS
3 Tokyo 20 Japan ASIA 1 NEXUS
4 Kyoto 22 Japan ASIA 1 NEXUS
5 Shanghai 24 China ASIA 1 NEXUS
6 Seoul 27 Korea, South ASIA 1 NEXUS
7 Sydney 28 Australia ASIA 1 NEXUS
8 Singapore 31 Singapore ASIA 2 HUB
9 Wellington 48 New Zealand ASIA 2 HUB
10 Auckland 51 New Zealand ASIA 2 HUB
11 Fukoaka 52 Japan ASIA 2 HUB
12 Beijing 53 China ASIA 2 HUB
13 Kobe 88 Japan ASIA 2 HUB
14 Osaka 93 Japan ASIA 2 HUB
15 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia ASIA 3 NODE
16 Mumbai India ASIA 3 NODE
17 Adelaide Australia ASIA 3 NODE
18 Bangalore India ASIA 3 NODE
19 Delhi India ASIA 3 NODE
20 Shenzhen China ASIA 3 NODE
21 Perth Australia ASIA 3 NODE
Canberra Australia ASIA 3 NODE
Brisbane Australia ASIA 3 NODE
Christchurch New Zealand ASIA 3 NODE
Nanjing China ASIA 3 NODE
Nagasaki Japan ASIA 3 NODE
Nagoya Japan ASIA 3 NODE
Sapporo Japan ASIA 3 NODE
Guangzhou China ASIA 3 NODE
Queenstown New Zealand ASIA 3 NODE
Yokohama Japan ASIA 3 NODE
Dongguan China ASIA 3 NODE
Ballarat Australia ASIA 3 NODE
Gold Coast Australia ASIA 3 NODE
Bendigo Australia ASIA 3 NODE
Geelong Australia ASIA 3 NODE
Suzhou China ASIA 3 NODE
Taipei Taiwan ASIA 3 NODE
Bangkok Thailand ASIA 3 NODE
Chennai India ASIA 3 NODE
Hyderabad India ASIA 3 NODE
Macau China ASIA 3 NODE
Madurai India ASIA 3 NODE
Manila Philippines ASIA 4 INFLUENCER
Hobart Australia ASIA 4 INFLUENCER
Ahmedabad India ASIA 4 INFLUENCER
Jakarta Indonesia ASIA

Key to index.

All cities are graded into award categories based on their index score. In descending order of importance to the innovation economy:

NEXUS: Critical nexus for innovation across economic and social segments

HUB: Dominance or influence on key economic and social segments given current trends

NODE: Broad performance across many segments, some imbalances

INFLUENCER: Competitive in some segments, imbalanced

UPSTART: Potential steps towards future performance in a few segments (new in 2010)

Regions are defined as follows:

AMERICAS: North and South America

EUROPE: The U.N. defined Europe with European union, Western Russia, Israel and Turkish cities

ASIA: Asia and Oceania (Australia/NZ)

EMERGING: Mid-East, Africa and Caucasus states

In regional indexes, the top cities scored are ranked. In Asia, this is the top 21. The others are not ranked.

Full details

Order current detailed City Benchmarking Data for each city to measure and compare.

Read the analyst city report to understand how to build urban innovation economies.

Methodology in brief:

The Index is the most comprehensive city ranking  and scoring. Each city was selected from 1,540 cities based on basic factors of health, wealth, population, geography. The selected 289 cities had data extracted the city benchmarking data program on 162 indicators.  Each of the benchmarking data were scored by analysts using a vast variety of web and print sources. Where data was unavailable, national or state estimates were used.

Data was then trend weighted against 21 global trends (from a summary of key trend thinkers from Oxford, Harvard and elsewhere.)  And the final index had a zeitgeist (market confidence) factor added, and was competitively graded into 5 bands with the top 100 cities ranked.

The 4 regional indexes for Americas, Europe, Asia and Emerging are derived from the global index.

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About 2thinknow Innovation Cities™ Program:

Based in Melbourne Australia, 2thinknow are a small innovation agency that have since 2006  designed revolutionary models to measure and deliver innovation to cities, business and other clients globally. 2thinknow delivery focus is the Innovation Cities Program to provide powerful tools for creating an innovation economy. This includes the city benchmarking data, recently launched local innovation forum events,  analyst reports such as the flagship Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report. 2thinknow work with select clients through consulting, reports and workshops.

2thinknow have published the Innovation Cities Indexes city rankings free online since 2007, when they started with 22 cities from a data-set of 95 cities.

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