Innovation Cities™ Index 2008

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In 2008, 2thinknow released independent rankings of 95 cities on innovation, then the most comprehensive truly global rankings of a cities innovation potential. This was later rebranded* as the Innovation Cities Index 2008. The Index has been updated to 256 cities in the 2009 Index.

2008 rankings use the same analysis and methodology of ranking Innovation Cities, criteria & city innovation models  outlined in the Global Innovation Review 2007 Annual. Available in reprint, the book explains the selection criteria for 2007; and discusses the top city rankings in some detail.

City Award Certificates for display are also available for a nominal fee for cities, for 2008 and all years. > Award Certificates

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Rank. City. Country. Region 2008 Score.
1 Vienna Austria EURO 28
2 Boston USA AMERICAS 27
3 Paris France EURO 26
4 New York USA AMERICAS 25
5 Leipzig Germany EURO 24
5 Prague Czech Republic EURO 24
5 Rome Italy EURO 24
8 Melbourne Australia ASIA 23
9* Berlin Germany EURO 23
10* San Francisco USA AMERICAS 23
CTW Frankfurt Germany EURO 23
CTW Strasbourg France EURO 23
Future Amsterdam Netherlands EURO 23
Future Chicago USA AMERICAS 23
Future Copenhagen Denmark EURO 23
Future Hamburg Germany EURO 23
Future Helsinki Finland EURO 23
Future Hong Kong China ASIA 23
Future Munich Germany EURO 23
Future Philadelphia USA AMERICAS 23
Future Toronto Canada AMERICAS 23
Future Budapest Hungary EURO 22
Future Cologne Germany EURO 22
Future Dresden Germany EURO 22
Future Dusseldorf Germany EURO 22
Future Kyoto Japan ASIA 22
Future Milan Italy EURO 22
Future Montreal Canada AMERICAS 22
Future Ottawa Canada AMERICAS 22
Future Seattle USA AMERICAS 22
Future Stuttgart Germany EURO 22
Future Tokyo Japan ASIA 22
COI Edinburgh UK EURO 21
COI London UK EURO 21
COI Shanghai China ASIA 21
CTW Verona Italy EURO 21
Future Barcelona Spain EURO 21
Future Brussels Belgium EURO 21
Future Geneva Switzerland EURO 21
Future Lisbon Portugal EURO 21
Future Madrid Spain EURO 21
Future Seoul South Korea ASIA 21
Future Singapore Singapore ASIA 21
Future Stockholm Sweden EURO 21
Future Vancouver Canada AMERICAS 21
Future Zurich Switzerland EURO 21
Prov Austin USA AMERICAS 21
Prov Istanbul Turkey EURO 21
Prov Los Angeles USA AMERICAS 21
Prov Miami USA AMERICAS 21
Prov Osaka Japan ASIA 21
Prov Taipei China ASIA 21
Future Athens Greece EURO 20
Future Bratislava Slovakia EURO 20
Future Dubai UAE EMERGING 20
Future Dublin Ireland EURO 20
Future Dubrovnik Croatia EURO 20
Future Gdansk Poland EURO 20
Future Glasgow UK EURO 20
Future Krakow Poland EURO 20
Future Torino Italy EURO 20
Prov Bilbao Spain EURO 20
Prov Manchester UK EURO 20
Prov Oporto Portugal EURO 20
COI Perth Australia ASIA 19
COI Sydney Australia ASIA 19
Future Jerusalem Israel EURO 19
Future Johannesburg South Africa EMERGING 19
Future Ljubljana Slovenia EURO 19
Future Oslo Norway EURO 19
Future Sofia Bulgaria EURO 19
Future St Petersburg Russia EURO 19
Future Tallinn Estonia EURO 19
Future Warsaw Poland EURO 19
Prov Bangkok Thailand ASIA 19
Prov Brisbane Australia ASIA 19
Prov Florence Italy EURO 19
Prov Kuala Lumpur Malaysia ASIA 19
Prov Zagreb Croatia EURO 19
Future Auckland New Zealand ASIA 18
Future Christchurch New Zealand ASIA 18
Future Reykjavik Iceland EURO 18
Prov Adelaide Australia ASIA 18
Prov Beijing China ASIA 18
Prov Belgrade Serbia EURO 18
Prov Buenos Aires Argentina AMERICAS 18
Prov Doha Qatar EMERGING 18
Prov Manila Phillipines ASIA 18
Prov Sao Paulo Brazil AMERICAS 18
Prov Bangalore India EMERGING 16
Prov Mumbai India EMERGING 16
Prov Hyderabad India EMERGING 15
Prov Mexrankings in some detail.ico City Mexico AMERICAS 15
Prov Tirana Albania EURO 12

USE: These rankings may be reproduced or quoted for any commercial, media or personal purpose, provided: a) they are not modified and b) they are identified as '2thinknow Innovation Cities Rankings 2007' and c)include a link to this website.


* REVISIONS: This was released June 2008, on limited release as the Innovation Cities™ Rankings update. To bring it into consistency with 2009, it was later rebranded the Innovation Cities™ Index 2008, and the top 8 expanded later to a top 10.

METHOD: The methodology was the same as 2007 and outlined in the Global Innovation Review 2007 Annual, but based on analysing a greater set of cities selected, but not released until 2008.

This process has been substantially overhauled and expanded to 162 indicators and 256 cities, in the Innovation Cities Index 2009, with the process and framework outlined in the Innovation Cities Analysis Report.

Innovation Cities™ Index 2008 Official Artwork

Innovation Cities™ Index 2008 Official Artwork