Innovation Cities Index world city index, and city rankings launching soon

The Innovation Cities™ Index 2010 world city scores and cities rankings measuring cities economic and social potential for innovation launch this August. This is a news update.

SOON: New 2011 Index > Launching end of Q3 2011

CURRENT: 2010 rankings > Launched with 289 cities

Below is 2010 information, only for reference purposes.

Top city index and rankings.

The Innovation Cities™ Index by 2thinknow is a 3-factor city score and ranking. The approach is far more comprehensive than Mercer or Economist livability rankings. The Index scores and ranks cities on a more diverse basis.

Since 2007, 2thinknow has published the Innovation Cities™ Index. 2007 and 2008 were beta versions, with the methodology expanded to it's current size and breadth in 2009. The 2010 index is based on the 2009 methodology, with 14% more cities.

2thinknow's Index features 280+ cities in 2010, compared with 256 cities in 2009. This covers cities on all major populated continents. The 2thinknow index is multi-sector, being based on 31 industry and community segments. Innovation analysts from 2thinknow examine 162 indicators weighted against annual trends, to complete the underlying analysis.

Obviously the potential U.S. deep recession, China's changing market conditions and the European debt crisis -- including the problems of the U.K.will impact the ranking of cities. So expect change.

The headline Innovation Cities Index of 280+ global cities will be launched this August 2010. This launch will be accompanied by new information and free downloads to interpret the city rankings to help you decide which cities are your top cities to live, work, play and retire in 2010.

Launches August 2010.

The exact launch date will be in coming weeks, however, the exact day of released will be based on balancing international events. This includes the Australian election August 21st, U.S. congressional recess, markets and other factors.

The major phase of the analysis has been completed, with 30% of indicators entirely newly scored since 2009, and numerous redefined data points on the cities.

How will your city rank? And where should you live, work, play, invest or retire in these uncertain times?

As an innovation agency and network, 2thinknow are committed to providing you innovation resources  for your business, city and community.

Keep updated with city ranking news.

The easiest way to keep up to date is to join the Innovation Cities group on Linked In.

There is also @2thinknow twitter feed. If you're a journo, let us know at -- we'll send you an early heads-up, or please, advise us of any features.

We also assist you by releasing regional city rankings, and this year for the first time, we’ll give you some neat tools to create your own rankings and scores. More soon.

CHECK: Previous 2009 scores and rankings.

CITY HALL: Resources for City Government for the Innovation Cities™ Program are available here.

BUSINESS & CITIZENS: Resources for business and individuals, are available here.

More resources will be posted online on this website. Bookmark the above pages, as the links will be updated for your convenience.

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