Innovation Cities Index 2011, city ranking & classification soon to be released

Icon News Release innovationThe Innovation Cities™ Indexes 2011 launches by September 30, 2011. {delayed by 2 weeks see this update}

The Index summary.

Innovation Cities™ Indexes include a Global, 4 regional and Top 100 Indexes. The Indexes are published by 2thinknow, annually on this website. 2thinknow indexes are the most expansive general index published globally. 2011 is the 5th year of publication, with over 300 cities. This is since the 2007 beta publication of 8 ranked cities from 22 published. The Innovation Cities™ Index Top 100 and Program has been profiled in international and national media from the Boston Globe, Reuters, Forbes, Entrepreneur, ABC Radio, and numerous quality newspapers and media outlets. > Select media City governments consult and rely on the Innovation Cities™ Index as a headline innovation metric. These include Toronto, Paris, Boston, New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Sydney, Beijing, Montreal, Barcelona, Vienna and others. Approximately, the top 10% of cities scored are classified as Nexus cities, the next 20% Hub cities, and the majority of global cities classified as Node cities. For up and coming or smaller cities, the Influencer and Upstart categories are classified. > 2010 The 2011 Indexes release will coincide with the 2011 updated edition of the Innovation Cities Analysis Report.

Basis of the top innovation index and rankings.

The Innovation Cities™ Indexes by 2thinknow are a 3-factor city score and ranking.

  • Cultural Assets
  • Human Infrastructure
  • Networked Markets

Each factor is the summary of 31 segments, based on 162 indicators. This indicator approach is far larger in scope than Economist or Mercer livability rankings, and includes a greater focus on economic and social opportunity of innovation. Rather than measuring cities as their current climate, we measure their ability to embrace innovation, and create the economic and social well-being citizens need to face current challenges, and develop opportunities.

Based on Data for the innovation economy.

The index is assessing the basis of an innovation economy, and measuring cities as broad-based entities across 31 segments, broken down into 162 standardised indicators across 300 + cities, and an analyst judgment of zeitgeist factor. 2thinknow designed the Indexes to score and classify cities on a more diverse basis, including and comparing cities across cultural differences. The top 100 cities are then ranked by 2thinknow innovation analysts. Each cities general score in the 2011 Indexes, is based on a 3 factor trend-adjusted snapshot of the world's leading actual city performance data-set -- City Benchmarking Data™ by 2thinknow. City Benchmarking Data™ is purchased from 2thinknow for any city or cities, and any combination of indicators. Detailed information on the data can be found at the data site, and obligation-free requests for data Proposals by contacting 2thinknow. Clients and prospects of 2thinknow data have included think-tanks, researchers, publishers, city governments, corporate R&D, state governments, infrastructure firms, multinational corporations, telcos, management consultants, car-makers and others.

5 years of the annual index.

Since 2007, 2thinknow has published the Innovation Cities™ Index. 2007 and 2008 were beta versions, with the methodology expanded to it’s current size and breadth in 2009. The 2011 index is based on the 2009-2010 methodology, with some significant adjustments to standardization based on current (as at July 2011) conditions. 2thinknow’s Index features 300+ cities in 2011, compared with 289 cities in 2010, 256 cities in 2009. This covers cities on all major populated continents. The 2thinknow index is multi-sector, being based on 31 industry and community segments. Innovation analysts from 2thinknow have since 2009, examined 162 indicators weighted against annual trends, to complete the underlying analysis.

2011 economic conditions for innovation.

As last year, the U.S. economic recovery, Japan's tsunami, China’s market conditions and the European debt crisis — including the entrenched problems of London and the U.K.will impact the ranking of cities. So expect more change.

Launches Q3 2011.

The 6 headline Innovation Cities Indexes of 300+ global cities (Global, 4 regional and Top 100) will be launched this September 2011.

Quick facts

  • The exact launch date will be in coming weeks, however, the exact day of released will be based on balancing international events. This includes elections, natural disasters, U.S. / E.U. summer break, U.S. congressional recess, markets and other factors.
  • Indexes launch will be accompanied by new information and free downloads to interpret the city rankings to help you decide which cities are your top cities to live, work, play and retire in 2011.
  • 60% of indicators will be entirely newly scored since 2010, and numerous redefined data points on the cities.

How will your city rank? And where should you live, work, play, invest or retire in these uncertain times? As an innovation agency and network, 2thinknow are committed to providing you innovation resources  for your business, city and community.

Keep updated with city ranking news.

The easiest way to keep up to date is to join the Innovation Cities group on Linked In. There is also @2thinknow twitter feed. If you’re a journalist,  let us know at — we’ll add you to our 'heads-up' list prior to launch. CHECK: Previous 2010 index classification and rankings.

CITY HALL: Resources for City Government for the Innovation Cities™ Program are available here.

BUSINESS & CITIZENS: Resources for business and individuals, are available here.

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