Innovation Training: Building Your Urban Innovation Economy

Innovation creates jobs and economic development.

Isn’t it time your city got aboard the urban innovation economy?

With this training program, your city agency team can learn the steps to building your city’s urban innovation economy. You will have the opportunities to practice with real-life exercises and learn from case studies in urban innovation. This is the only training that enables you to create an urban innovation economy, from first principles.

Course Outline: Build your Urban Innovation Economy

These courses are delivered via number of modules per session..

Day 1: Ideas of Urban Innovation

What is Innovation and why it Matters?
Leading Innovation Model
Innovation Cities Framework Overview

Day 2: Designing Urban Innovation

Innovation Cities Framework Overview Part 2
Different City Models: We can’t all be London (or Osaka)
Cultural Assets for your City: from Arts to Sports

Day 3: Creating Urban Innovation

Human Infrastructure for your City: Which Infrastructure, Where and When?
Networked Markets: Leveraging the physical and digital economy
Trends: Do they support you or oppose you?

Day 4: Reporting Urban Innovation

Successful City Change: Case Studies
Measuring and Reporting your Progress: Roads to Success
Team Presentations