5 Ways to join in the world cities movement for innovation!

Change your cities by talking, sharing and communicating. The Innovation Cities™ Program is open to all cities -- the major suburban populations -- worldwide. And we encourage all citizens to share their opinions. Changing our cities using evidence, facts and the tools of a digital economy is important. The main goal here is to move urban areas from economic stagnation - to economic innovation! So join in. Become part of the world city movement. Here's some ideas:

Vocalise on social media.

Join the Innovation Cities Linked In Group. Retweet us on twitter.

Blog the Innovation R(evolution) !

Blog about and share your thoughts on the annual Index city rankings, or cities in general. Talk about what matters to you.

Quote Innovation Cities.

Use our Innovation Cities™ Index -- city rankings in your presentations.

Become an intern.

If you've completed a Masters in a relevant field, why not consider an internship in our office in Melbourne, Australia? Contact us

Tell us good stuff.

2thinknow will listen about your cities. So tell us about your city. Right here. Or if you can keep it to 140 characters on twitter. Just a start! Now, Keep Innovating!