LinkedIn City Discussion Community

Discussion of Innovaiton Cities, Analysis, Urban Design, Great Ideas

In preparation for launching the Innovation Cities Index 2009, 2thinknow have created a LinkedIn Discussion Group for City Thought Leaders to connect & discuss the big City Ideas.

The 2thinknow Innovation Cities Index 2009 will be released July 2009. The IC Index a weighted ranking of cities responding to the 3 challenges of Economics, Equity & Environment. The Index is part of the 2thinknow Innovation Cities Program.

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We Love LinkedIn!

After experimenting with numerous social media platforms from 2007 until 2009, LinkedIn was selected. LinkedIn; like it’s European competitor Xing; is a premier Professional Career network.

(2thinknow also have a Xing communities focused on innovation co-operation.) See > Social Media.

Cities People!

The LinkedIn community welcomes city professionals from cities worldwide. Architects, Urban Planners, Cities Thinkers, Infrastructure, National Governments, Cities Development Authorities, City Economists, Designers, Creatives, Urban Developers, Innovation Activists, and most of all, Citi-zens – all welcome to join our vibrant community.

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