Local Innovation Forum™ events

Inspire ideas, renew your city or take your city to the next level.

The transition from 2000s economic business models to new economic models provides a unique opportunity for cities and communities. This could include clean-tech, green-tech, digital economy, knowledge workers, local manufacturing, craft based industries, events-economy, community groups or other initiatives.

Local Innovation Forum events in USA Canada Australia NZ and EuropeYet unlike business there is a scarcity of usable information and ideas around the cities of the future.

A forum event to inspire your local economy.

By working with the local community to organize a Local Innovation Forum™ event [LIFe], 2thinknow can bring the latest ideas to a city that suit the profile, culture and unique strengths of any city.

2thinknow select ideas from our large suite of case studies, concepts and research into thought leaders across many fields.

We draw upon our cities research and evidence-based examples. Event presenters engage the audience and focus on what works.

Events for each community

There are different versions and content frameworks for mega-cities, cities, towns and suburbs. Content is tailored based on the size of your community.

Limited commitment

Organizers commitment is relatively limited and can be dealt with in a straight forward professional manner.

Working with 2thinknow to organize an evening or half-day LIFe event is also easier and lower-cost than flying in speakers for new ideas at local events.

Who can organize?

Cities, local business, trade boards and state government can organize and sponsor a Local Innovation Forum event in their city, town or suburb. At current this includes urban areas in — much of Europe, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other locations by invitation and participation of the government.

Government at all levels, are welcome to work with us to consult on a range of Local Innovation Forum events – either in standalone or piggy-backing off a national initiative. Content can also be adapted, prior to the event, within some parameters.

If you’d like to learn more about organizing —

NEWS — A new site www.localinnovationforum.com will launch shortly for the Local Innovation Forum events.