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Print Interviews

Email interviews, or answers to journalists questions can be done by emailling Please include your publication, position and deadline.

Embargoed Releases

Contact to pre-register for embargoed releases on future indexes.

Tv & Radio Interviews

Will be available for the 2012 Index in September, or related pre-Index coverage with our Executive Director, Christopher Hire. To schedule an interview -- please email

Excel Files

Excel files of rankings are available to journalists, for global indexes also for regions (Americas, Europe, Emerging and Asia). Email

Background: Innovation Cities™ Index

2thinknow Innovation Cities™ Index is the world's largest classification of cities for Innovation, first released 2007, and left beta in 2010, the current year is 2011, with the next Index due end of September 2012. The first city rankings from 2thinknow commenced in April 2007.

Photos for reproduction

Christopher Hire, Executive Director, 2thinknow with Innovation Cities Analysis ReportChristopher Hire presenting the Innovation Cities Analysis Report Please credit these to 2thinknow.

How the Index works:

The 2thinknow Innovation Cities™ Index is the leading index of innovation in cities scores all major cities on Innovation. More critical than livability in economic hard times, innovation is measured to predict which cities will become winners in the next several years. To do this the Index analysts examine 162 indicators and which is trend-weighted, and distilled to a final 3 stage score. The Innovation Cities Index uses detailed analysis to look at forward real-world indicators rather than some rear view economics or statistics (often outdated). 2thinknow's final 3 stage index score for each city reflects a view of innovation - the ability to generate Ideas, Implement and access to Markets in which to sell those ideas. Since 2007, independent innovation analysts 2thinknow have published the Innovation Cities™ Index. As a journalist, email or contact 2thinknow here with your enquiries.

Index Methodology

The full methodology of the Innovation Cities™ Framework and Index is published in the semi-annual Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report, for order. Methodology details are available to journalists upon email request, and each year since leaving beta, the Index has a specific FAQ & methodology online. All city benchmarking data behind the Innovation Cities™ Index can be ordered for any cities from 2thinknow City Benchmarking Data

General Company Resources.

2thinknow is an innovation agency, established 2006, offering a variety of affordable creative services to stimulate urban innovation.

Other: Press Release Archive:

2011 - 2007 Major Index Releases

> See 2thinknow media room for major releases

Earlier 2009 Wire Release Resources

> 27th October 2009 - "Toronto Beats Vancouver, Canadian Cities Lag Europe in Innovation" - Canadian Newswire, Toronto > 26th October 2009 - "Boston #1 in Global Innovation Race, as U.S. Cities Trail Europe and Asia" - Reuters > 27th October 2009 - "Asia-Pacific Cities Beat China, Gain on U.S. in Global Innovation Race" - Asia News Media Release > 26th October 2009 - "ASIA GAINING INNOVATION ADVANTAGE OVER U.S. CITIES" - AAP Medianet Media Release -- Australia /NZ Other Languages: > 27th October 2009 - "Les villes françaises championnes de l'innovation ; l'Europe en tête de la course à l'innovation" - PR Newswire, UK > 27th October 2009 - "Europäische Städte vor USA im Wettlauf um Innovation" - [Deutsch]