In 2008: Expanded to 95 cities & new urban metrics

Innovation City of FutureFrom the Global Innovation Review 2007, in June 2008, 2thinknow decided to release an extended data set of 95 of the cities analyzed in 2007, with minor modifications.

The basis for the updated scores was the same Hire Innovation Loop model as the original 2007 Review, and broad 44 set of Innovation Indicators in 3 segments. The data was originally released as a 2007 Update, was available in a limited form via email, primarily to academic requests.

This  update was later renamed and made-available as the Innovation Cities Index 2008 CD-Rom. This CD-Rom contained a PDF of the 2007 Book, as well as 95 Cities Excel data & associated graphs.

Innovation Cities 2.0 Continued.

The decision to do this was made to allow us to direct our resources to a significant expansion of the Innovation Cities program in 2009. The very narrow perspective of city economic analysis persuaded our Executive Director, Christopher Hire, and the firm of the necessity of integrating trends into analysis in 2009, despite limited funding.

Books such as Black Swans & the Tipping Point had gripped the public’s mind, concepts which were integrated into our analysis in 2007. The firm, 2thinknow, increasingly focused on innovation analysis. 2thinknow began working on metrics and prototypes, and collecting more detailed city benchmarking data.

Inevitably, Hire’s city visits (especially short visits to Germany, Spain & Netherlands) , meetings and dialogue with City Officials, Intellectuals, Masters students, business thinkers and others lead to further development of Innovation Cities models & analysis techniques.

In the end of 2008, the backdrop was a change of US Government and the Global Financial Crisis, which 2thinknow analysis had predicted, was unwinding.

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