Mobility, Autos, Cycling & Transport

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Airport Transfers

Modes of airport transfer and direct integration and support on city transit networks.


Road quality and expansiveness, as well as car-sharing and environmental initiatives.

Bicycle Friendly

Availability of protected and designated bicycle facilities, as well as bicycle support.

City Transport Infrastructure

Availability of multiple transport modes, and inter-operability, preferably with safe metro option or light rail.

Inter-City Connections

Availability of super-fast/fast-rail (higher benchmarks), rail or alternately airports or buses (lower).

International Airport

Major modern airport with full facilities measured against best airports.

Service Delivery

Reliability of services, and amenity of services on an average day.

Service Frequency

Frequency of services to most suburban areas during the key peak and off-peak times.

Street Signage

Availability and international language-neutral approaches to signage.


Width and layout of streets, major streets that are well known globally.

Taxi Service

Availability, safety and reliability of taxi service and government policy towards taxis.

Transport Coverage

Distribution of multiple transport modes across the city in existing and new suburbs.

Walking City

Safely walkable CBD with supporting transport modes.

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