Technology & Communications

This segment contains the following Indicators available to order.

Broadband Internet

Measuring estimated broadband internet penetration the cities economy relative to competing cities.

Fixed Phone Network

Measuring the presence of a fixed phone network can be valuable in a crisis, and is still part of global business, even in a mobile world.

Government IT Policy

Government should be a customer of local I.T. and promote trade and exports. Is government supporting I.T. development?

Internet Users

How many internet users are there in the city relative to competing cities?

Mobile Phone Network

Measuring how many mobile phone users there are relative to competing cities.

Social Web 2.0 Media

Social media is a modern tool and platform for enabling innovation, and low cost global business message communication.

Wireless Internet

Wireless networks, and world class connectivity are a key part of business and service access in any global cities. Measuring business grade wireless.

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