The Innovation Cities Index 2015 Soon to Launch

The Innovation Cities™ Index is in it’s 9th year as the world’s leading ranking of cities as urban innovation economies, since we at 2thinknow® pioneered this work in 2007. Want to know where to live, work and invest in innovation? Just a few more sleeps until launch.

2thinknow® analysts have had many queries from customers and fans wanting to know for the launch of the Innovation Cities™ Index 2015. We can announce final stage work is underway.

What’s more the new improved Index for 2015, contains 58 new cities, bringing the total number to 500 cities classified in 2015*. This covers all major regions of the world, and every major city.

Based on 162 indicators, and supported by many data points of the City Benchmarking Data™ and the Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report and Innovation Cities™ Program.

So set your calendars, the long-awaited Innovation Cities™ Index 2015 is soon to launch. Keep your eyes posted here.


*3 cities have been replaced from the 2014 list, and 55 new cities added.