Top 100 Cities Slides [Cities of the Innovation Economy 2010]

Top 100 Cities of the Innovation Economy: free slides from the Innovation Cities Index 2010.

For the benefit of clients, contacts and change agents everywhere, the 2thinknow team have posted the Innovation Cities Top 100 Index slideshow live online, on slideshare.

[slideshare id=7844946&doc=top-100cities-final-110505060511-phpapp01]

Link to slides —

This was then featured on the front-page of Business and Management, and will attract even more support to the Innovation Cities Program, City Benchmarking Data and other initiatives supporting city change.

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These slides are copyright 2thinknow, but you are licensed to use (not modify or adapt) the slides in your city-related presentations, although we reserve all rights, including the right to revoke this license on a case-by-case basis without explanation. (Typically only rarely — if we disapprove of the usage)