World’s Most Innovative Cities: Preview – Innovation Cities™ Index 2020-2021 from 2THINKNOW

World's most innovative cities 14th annual index city ranking.

Announcing the new world's most innovative city ranking looking at cities in the age of Covid-19. Based on data that includes updates on Covid-19 impacts on innovation ecosystems.

The next Innovation Cities™ Index 2020 -2021 count down...

The city ranking is finalised and will shortly be released, including the latest Covid-19 impacts.

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Analyst Guidance

  • Vast amount of volatility in city data in 2020
  • Lockdowns have effected results dramatically.
  • One example, number of law firms in some cities has fallen by 25%
  • Law firms increased by 12% in others in only 6 months
  • Massive rise in Digital Transformation technology
  • Trend towards mega-cities could be approaching peak
  • Privacy becoming a concern in less mobile cities
  • Environmental indicators improving
  • Resilience a feature
  • Unpredictable events to continue to 2022.

Rankings of global cities have changed, especially those in many Western countries.

We do not have preliminary results yet as the process is complex.

Further Background:

The largest, longest-running and most comprehensive city ranking of 500 cities, and entirely based on largest set of indicators for innovation. Full updated estimates for Covid. 2THINKNOW City Indicators include city innovation in the areas of: Economics, Start-ups, Technology, Livability, Startup Economy, Smart, Nature, Growth, Equity, modern applied technology and other key city themes... How is your government or city performing?

Only 2THINKNOW use cutting-edge data modelling, data science and algorithms to drive results.

We started in 2007, and have worked with a wide variety of corporations and government entities. Results have been featured to date in over 10,000 media articles and posts -- in every country -- so keep your eyes peeled. A complete analysis will be done at the time (time permitting).

Results will be VERY interesting this year. You are welcome!


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