About 2thinknow: Creator of Innovation Cities

World’s 1st innovation agency, established 2006.

Knowhow to turn your ideas into innovation in cities globally.

2thinknow is the founder & creator of the Innovation Cities™ concept in 2006.

2thinknow was first. We originated the first concept of innovation as a networked city-based phenomenon in 2006.

This program is the original research into city innovation, and offers cities and business powerful tools for innovation which have been proven and the developed over this period. We understand city innovation better and more deeply than others coming late to the party. Our leadership and long term commitment assists organizations create city innovation and understand cities as markets. Clients range from blue chips to governments to business of all sizes.

2thinknow® started in 2006 by modelling innovation as a process.

2thinknow® developed a backward-compatible model of innovation that is applicable across 500 years of invention, since Gutenberg invented the printing press. This rational, logic-based model of innovation covers all locations, and is designed to cover all current and future innovation.

Innovation as the Seed

From this model 2thinknow® have derived further models, data, analysis and training programs for innovation. 2thinknow® were the first to offer these and other innovation programs for the innovation economy. In 2006 2thinknow® started the world-leading Innovation Cities™ Program, as a package of innovation tools for cities. 2thinknow® is the exclusive developer of the Innovation Cities Program & Index – based on concepts in measuring innovation and performance data by 2thinknow® Director Data and founder, Christopher Hire.

The Innovation Cities Models & research were conceived by Christopher Hire in 2005, and 2thinknow first established as a firm in 2006. (see History)

Data Driven

Beyond Innovation Cities™, 2thinknow® is a Data Innovation Agency – providing independent data, analysis of innovation, creating world-leading city-level data & facilitating data between business and cities, and delivering a wide variety of data, training and other innovation projects.

Going Global

2thinknow® is based largely in Melbourne, Australia, and works all over the world for clients based in San Francisco to UAE, Singapore, London, Tokyo, Latin America, Germany, and many locations in between. 95% of the company sales are export.

Making Your Job Easier

The objective of all 2thinknow® products and programs is to make your job easier by data-backed innovation.

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