City Benchmarking – City Data Audit

For City Government & Agencies Seeking to Develop their City for the Future.

The most complete snapshot available anywhere on any city.

Includes: a massive slide deck, 162 indicators, and data you have never seen before on Smart, Sustainable, Tech (in fact all these great indicators and 31 industry segments right here). All Indicators and data points for the current Index year on your city in Excel and PowerPoint slide format. Benchmark scored against 500 cities.

2 Major Strategic Uses of this Product to Help Cities Like Yours

Innovation Strategy

Haven't you ever wondered how best to develop innovation in your city?

What industries are optimal and fit best with our cities natural strengths, you may ask yourself.

By using the results of the City Data Audit, we can identify hidden strengths of your city.

And select and grow industries based on complementary strength.

Can you afford to base the future innovation strategy on whats 'trendy' rather than expert data?

City Branding Strategy

Haven't you ever wanted to express what's unique about your city?

The question is how to express uniqueness  in a way that aligns with marketing.

By using the results of the City Data Audit, we can identify hidden strengths of your city.

And build a City Brand based on strength.

Can you afford a City Brand that is short-lived (trend not data driven) or not well-received by local residents?



Or combine the 2 strategies into 1 Master plan.

Ideal for cost conscious smaller cities.

Key features of the City Data Audit:

See Real Performance
Want to measure in simple terms how your city really performs globally? Benchmark Scores give you a simple answer on 162 indicators.
Better Target Proposals
See how each of your city industries performs by global measures (500+ cities) of innovation on these 31 segments.
Promote Highlights

Have numbers at hand to win more Economic Development Proposals with better, 2THINKNOW city-level data that's independent, credible and used by corporations.

Drill Down for Data Geeks
Drill down into raw Data Points that control your city performance for the Data Geeks on your team (and you if you are like us).
Design Incentives

Use the data on your city to better design incentives to attract companies.

Identify Partnerships
Identify the neglected areas where you should partner with universities and business.
Prioritise Lobbying

It's not all local. A lot of what you are accountable for is federal or state/province. Identify lobbying priorities.

Sell Your City

Stop quoting national or state data - use our up-to-date magic data on your city to sell it.

The Entire PowerPoint Deck of 400 + Slides is About YOUR City.

PowerPoint deck for presentation, with hundreds of slides, for you to pick from for your presentation.

This means you can readily assemble a presentation to support your inevitable brand direction.

The most comprehensive global comparative City Benchmarking Data product -  available for any city or urban area anywhere in the world. Full data for your chosen city including slides, graphs and dashboard data. This enables you to ee your strengths which should be exploited in your strategic plan.

And key weaknesses which must be mitigated (although strengths matter more in your planning). Brands and innovation rely on positive messages not the absence of negatives.

Best of all we can assist you further and work up these Strategies for you (details buttons 1 and 2 below) at a fixed fair price. Or you can save money and Do It Yourself.

Can you afford not to make independent data the centre of your strategy?

Your city can win more business, connect more with investors & visitors, and satisfy local stakeholders by being more uniquely YOU. 2THINKNOW Data makes this possible for you.




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This product was formerly named Single City Data-set (SCD). The product has been upgraded with added features. The SCD is included in this new product.