Innovation Cities™ Index 2018: Emerging

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Emerging cities ranking 2018 & city classification from 11th annual Innovation Cities™ Index by 2thinknow city ranking for Mid-East, Eurasia and Africa.

2thinknow city ranking for innovation since 2007.

Part of the world’s largest global city ranking, the Innovation Cities™ Index, with 500 benchmark cities classified and ranked globally, featuring 53 cities in Emerging region (16 Mid-East, 18 Eurasia, 19 Africa) this year.


This city rankings includes tech, smart, startups and other aspects of a good city to live,  work and play based on economic opportunity for innovators. The Innovation Cities™ Indexes measure each cities potential as an innovation economy at the current time, since 2007.

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162 City Indicators

Based on 162 standard indicators with underlying Data Points from 2thinknow's awesome City Benchmarking Data set - all available to order for single cities or sets of cities. If you want more background information, order the Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report (info, order)

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RankGlobal RankCity NameCountryStateRegionSubregionClassificationIndex ScoreCityID
133DubaiUnited Arab EmiratesEMERGINGMID-EAST1 NEXUS47353
269Abu DhabiUnited Arab EmiratesEMERGINGMID-EAST2 HUB438
3265Cape TownSouth AfricaWestern CapeEMERGINGAFRICA3 NODE37223
4268Kuwait CityKuwaitEMERGINGMID-EAST3 NODE37698
6324CairoEgyptCairoEMERGINGMID-EAST3 NODE35208
7336JeddahSaudi ArabiaEMERGINGMID-EAST3 NODE35584
8352SharjahUnited Arab EmiratesEMERGINGMID-EAST3 NODE341228
9368BeirutLebanonEMERGINGMID-EAST3 NODE34126
10371RiyadhSaudi ArabiaEMERGINGMID-EAST3 NODE341112
11379KarachiPakistanEMERGINGEURASIA3 NODE33616
12380JohannesburgSouth AfricaGautengEMERGINGAFRICA3 NODE33591
13399KievUkraineEMERGINGEURASIA3 NODE33645
14400AlmatyKazakhstanEMERGINGEURASIA3 NODE3235
15404AmmanJordanEMERGINGMID-EAST3 NODE3241
16405DurbanSouth AfricaKwaZulu-NatalEMERGINGAFRICA3 NODE32361
17408AlexandriaEgyptAlexandria GovernorateEMERGINGMID-EAST3 NODE3229
18410BakuAzerbaijanEMERGINGEURASIA3 NODE321616
19413TehranIranEMERGINGMID-EAST3 NODE321335
20418TbilisiGeorgiaTbilisiEMERGINGEURASIA3 NODE321617
21419MuscatOmanEMERGINGMID-EAST3 NODE31868
22420CasablancaMoroccoEMERGINGAFRICA3 NODE31235
23422ManamaBahrainEMERGINGMID-EAST3 NODE31779
24432LahorePakistanEMERGINGEURASIA4 UPSTART30707
25444Al-AinUnited Arab EmiratesEMERGINGMID-EAST4 UPSTART2924
26445PretoriaSouth AfricaEMERGINGAFRICA4 UPSTART291065
29458OdessaUkraineOdessa OblastEMERGINGEURASIA4 UPSTART29949
30459KharkovUkraineKharkiv OblastEMERGINGEURASIA4 UPSTART29639
31460AstanaKazakhstanEMERGINGEURASIA4 UPSTART2874
32461AjmanUnited Arab EmiratesEMERGINGMID-EAST4 UPSTART2819
33465AlgiersAlgeriaEMERGINGAFRICA4 UPSTART2831
34468LvivUkraineLviv OblastEMERGINGEURASIA4 UPSTART28756
35471RabatMoroccoEMERGINGAFRICA4 UPSTART271082
36475BishkekKyrgyzstanEMERGINGEURASIA4 UPSTART27153
38479DnepropetrovskUkraineDnipropetrovsk OblastEMERGINGEURASIA4 UPSTART26343
40485Port LouisMauritiusEMERGINGAFRICA241547
41486DonetskUkraineDonetsk OblastEMERGINGEURASIA24346
43490ZaporozhyeUkraineZaporizhia OblastEMERGINGEURASIA231518
46493Dar es SalaamTanzaniaEMERGINGAFRICA21329
47494Addis AbabaEthiopiaAddis AbabaEMERGINGAFRICA2112
49496Port HarcourtNigeriaEMERGINGAFRICA201050
53500KinshasaDemocratic Republic of the CongoKinshasaEMERGINGAFRICA16650

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Want to reproduce this list? You Can. First, see 'Reproducing this list' below.

Reproducing this list.

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