Innovation Cities Index 2010: News on the city rankings

The Innovation Cities Index 2010, the city rankings of cities on their economic and social performance are being released in August 2010.

As opposed to liveability (or livability, if you prefer) the Innovation Cities Index compares far more indicators. 2thinknow score 162 indicators versus 39 indicators for Mercer. Scoring of each indicator is similar in process to the Mercer and the Economist city rankings, however, we consider a far broader range of city indicators — especially in culture, infrastructure and economics.

Some have commented that Mercer and Economist city rankings discriminate against larger metropolis cities such as London, Paris and New York. When measuring social and economic performance of these cities it is obvious these cities are popular locations, as top places to live, work and play.

On the other hand a Richard Florida view tends to reward cool, digital or tolerant cities. But does not recognize other types of city performance — such as in manufacturing.

So the Innovation Cities Index, scoring over 280 cities, and ranking the top 90 (provisional) will be released in early August by 2thinknow.

We also assist you by releasing regional city rankings, and this year for the first time, we’ll give you some neat tools to create your own rankings and scores. More soon.

Innovation Cities Index 2009 scores and rankings are available here.

Resources for City Government for the Innovation Cities™ Program are available here.

Resources for business and individuals, are available here.

More resources will be posted online on this website. And do not forget to join the Innovation Cities group on Linked In, as well, or make a short submission about your city and its good news.

Keep innovating,

2thinknow analysis team.