World’s Top Cities for Innovation: Countdown to Innovation Cities Index 2019 from 2THINKNOW

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How are cities responding to BREXIT, US-China Trade War, a mixed global economy and other tectonic events? What Index previously predicted the GFC, the rise of the Right and an increase in protectionism... More ground-breaking insights and answers in the Innovation Cities™ Index coming soon.


Innovation Cities™ Index of 2019 Release with New Shaken Up Results

The largest, longest-running and most comprehensive city ranking of 500 cities, and entirely based on 162 indicators for innovation.

2THINKNOW City Indicators include innovation in the areas of:

Smart, Resilience, Liveability, Startup Economy, Sustainability, Inclusive Growth (or Equity), Circular Economy and other key city themes...


2THINKNOW Indexes use latest data science and algorithms to drive results.

This means city governments can plan to improve their ranking via improving performance over time. Or pull out key segments for specialised focus indexes.


12th annual results of the Innovation Cities™ Index 2019 are to be released very soon.... Started 2007.

Results have been featured to date in over 10,000 media articles and posts -- in every country -- so keep your eyes peeled.

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