Innovation Cities™ Index 2014 : Japan

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City innovation economy classifications and rankings, 2014 for Japan.

Below are the rankings for Japanese cities in this year’s Index.

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Sub Region Rank Global Rank Classification City State Country Index Score
1 15 1 NEXUS Tokyo Tokyo Japan 53
2 34 1 NEXUS Kyoto Kyoto Japan 50
3 37 1 NEXUS Osaka Osaka Japan 50
4 61 2 HUB Kobe Hyogo Japan 48
5 88 2 HUB Fukuoka Fukoaka Japan 46
6 158 3 NODE Yokohama Kanagawa Japan 44
7 191 3 NODE Nagoya Aichi Japan 43
8 195 3 NODE Sapporo Hokkaido Japan 43
9 238 3 NODE Hiroshima Japan 42
10 240 3 NODE Nagasaki Nagasaki Japan 42

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City indicators data from 2thinknow City Benchmarking Data program.

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